Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Crazy, Crazy, Crazy!

Okay this week has been crazy!!! So much has happened! The only way I can do this is just bullet points! So enjoy!!!

-Monday night our car got broken into!!! The sisters had it and they said our glovebox was rummaged through and everything was all over the seats! The weird thing though, they didn't take my GPS!!! I was so happy! They took a MP3 player and a book... Not a Book of Mormon though, dang it! Haha but all is well and no one is hurt!

 -Wednesday we attending seminary with all the youth! We had to wake up at 5:00! It was rough! I thought 6:20 was bad! Haha but it was so much fun! I miss seminary! And our group won in jeopardy! It was the best! We had district meeting and afterwards we took some insane district pictures!

Sister Knudsen and Stowell
-Then!!! On Thursday! I got to go to the temple!!! It was so so amazing!!! It was so great to be with my sisters from the MTC again! It's so weird that it has been 9 months since I was last at the temple
but it was amazing!!!

-So we made some changes in our apartment! We did a huge wall college on our wall at our apartment! It was so fun!

-We went to Clarks Fishcamp again! We went with Yvette (our investigator) and Eddie (a member of our ward!) we had a great time there with them and had a wonderful lesson! We got Gator Ribs, Gator Tail, catfish, and Shrimp! It was so good! I am going to miss gator!

-Monday!! Today has been the best day ever!! It's my birthday, and because of our transfer, it is also my last pday! We had the sisters come over and join us for some of my family's famous "holy cake" it
was so good! And we had a fun time! 

Then As a zone we all went to Adventure Landing! We played arcade games, laser tag, mini golf, etc! So much fun! Okay.... Best part though! All the sisters schemed!!! They plotted together that they would attack me with silly string for my last pday! So as we were leaving to take a picture, they were all linked up outside and when I walked out to them, they all pulled out their silly string and attacked me!!! I had no idea it was coming!!! They were so sneaky! I guess it is karma for all of the times I've gotten my companions though, haha it was so much fun!!!

-I can't believe this is my last week already! I am excited to come home and to see everyone again, but I am going to miss Florida so much! My companion and I already agreed that this week we are going to serve like we're dying! Literally!! :)

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