Sunday, February 28, 2016

The greatest of them all!

Hi everyone! This week has been amazing!!! Straight up amazing! So much happened this week!

Okay biggest miracle of my life! So on Monday, after pday we found a street we wanted to knock. We felt a little weird about some houses but I felt like we should keep going. We arrived at one particular house and I just felt good about it! We knocked it and this guy started talking with us, his dog came to the door, and then ATTACKED SISTER HANDY!!! We got the dog back inside and the guy felt so so bad. He came out on the porch and we started talking. He explained almost exactly what Joseph Smiths experience was. He felt so lost and confused at so many churches. We were able to teach him the whole restoration and about the Book of Mormon. Even as we were teaching I could tell that he was believing everything that we were saying! We invited him to be baptized on March 12th and he said "sure... You know what, yes, I really would really like that!" I was about to fall down on the floor! I've never had that kind of response on a first baptism invite! We left him a chapter in the Book of Mormon and set a time to come back! Sister Handy and I were gleaming the whole rest of the street! It was truly a miracle!

On Tuesday we had zone conference!! So we got to go to Kingsland Georgia! We got with the other sisters and carpooled up there! We had car inspections, and then a training by a member in Salt Lake. And guess what! We have Tiwis now! Which are these little black boxes that goes in our cars. They monitor our seatbelts, speed, aggressive driving, and brakes. So if you aren't driving appropriately the Tiwi talks to you and tells you to "check your speed" or "check your driving" it was actually a very spiritual training! I learned so much about obedience and safety! He shared lots of experiences around different missions that have Tiwis. And the best part... We all have our own personal log in cards, so every time before we start driving
we hold our card up the the Tiwi box and "log in" to our car! Right! Who else gets to log into their car! Probably Batman! So we are now on Batmans status! Haha so cool! The meeting was so so good! I can't
believe it will be my last Zone Conference! :( at the end, all the departing missionaries bore their testimonies. We only had 2 minutes to share, and I'll tell you what there was definitely more crying than talking that happened in that 2 minutes! Haha but it was a good experience. And we went out to dinner with all of the sisters afterwards. I got to see one of my previous Companions Sister Francom!

On Wednesday we saw Marshall again with our Ward mission leader! It was an amazing lesson! Marshall is still so committed! We left him a chapter to read, and he read it right after we left! We told him all about church and he basically committed himself to come! He is so awesome!

On Friday we decided to get out on the streets again and knock some doors! Our goal was to have a lesson and find a New investigator. We knocked on the door and the the lady let us right in! We had a great
discussion with her. And we set a time to come back! Wow! We just achieved our goal right there at the first house! We kept knocking and on the last door we knocked on the same thing happened! The first and
last houses is where it's all at I guess! But we were really excited about the people we met! We are seeing them again this week!

On Sunday Marshall came to church! He was even early! He got to meet a lot of the members, and he stayed all 3 hours!! He loved everything that was said and mentioned that he had never felt so welcomed at a
church! We are seeing him again this Tuesday! Yay!

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