Monday, February 15, 2016

Baptism dates, and leaky apartment!

Hey everyone! Wow this week has been so eventful!!

We have been biking everywhere!! Biking is the best! Except we totally got rained on this week, and we got stuck on our members porch. But we had a member bring her truck and come save us and take us home!! :) so nice!

We had a huge huge miracle this week! We were trying to contact some old investigators missionaries have taught. And we texted a lady named Coco and asked her if we could come over again. She replied right away and said yes! We had a lesson with her and taught her the whole restoration! We invited her to be baptized and she said YES!!! Yay!!! We finally have an investigator who is progressing towards baptism! Yes! It was a miracle!

And then this is really funny! We got home from biking, and I unlocked our door and opened it...and I hear rain. We had just biked home and it wasn't raining, but I looked again to double check, cause you never
know with Florida weather. And nope no rain. I turned on our lights and...Behold! water was leaking from our ceiling and down our walls!! Ahhh!!!! We quickly called the maintenance guy, and our next door
neighbor came over (she's a recent convert). We quickly broke out all the bowls and tried to hold all the water, we also laid towels all over! The maintenance guy finally came and sucked up all the water,
and set up fans all over. We had to have these fans running all night and all day! So for 2 days straight we couldn't hear much! Haha so funny. But it is all cleaned up and dry now! Haha anyway that was fun!

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