Monday, February 29, 2016

Happy Leap Year!

This week has been so great!

On Monday we had a member come with us for some lessons. Sister Johnson came with us to see an investigator named Coco. We had a great lesson with her and we read a chapter in the Book of Mormon! After that we went to a less actives members home.

Tuesday we had district meeting! It's been awhile since we had a district meeting. But it was so good! We all have a 2 minute training on a principle about faith! It was very interesting! After our meeting
we had lunch with the other sisters, and then we saw Marshall again!! He absolutely loved church and everyone he met! We had a great lesson with him, and told him all about the YSA Ward. He seemed very excited to try it out, and he will now be working with the YSA missionaries. It was so bittersweet to have to pass him over to the YSA missionaries, but he did seem very excited to try it!

Wednesday was our trade off, I went with sister Sister Hudson again to Hendricks! We had an awesome day! We had 6 lessons in just a few hours it was awesome! We had fun that night all together! The next day, we attended their district meeting and then went out to lunch! It was
such a fun trade off!

We had a lot of great finding this week! We found a lot of new people that were really interested! We are seeing them again this week, so hopefully a lot of good comes from it!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

The greatest of them all!

Hi everyone! This week has been amazing!!! Straight up amazing! So much happened this week!

Okay biggest miracle of my life! So on Monday, after pday we found a street we wanted to knock. We felt a little weird about some houses but I felt like we should keep going. We arrived at one particular house and I just felt good about it! We knocked it and this guy started talking with us, his dog came to the door, and then ATTACKED SISTER HANDY!!! We got the dog back inside and the guy felt so so bad. He came out on the porch and we started talking. He explained almost exactly what Joseph Smiths experience was. He felt so lost and confused at so many churches. We were able to teach him the whole restoration and about the Book of Mormon. Even as we were teaching I could tell that he was believing everything that we were saying! We invited him to be baptized on March 12th and he said "sure... You know what, yes, I really would really like that!" I was about to fall down on the floor! I've never had that kind of response on a first baptism invite! We left him a chapter in the Book of Mormon and set a time to come back! Sister Handy and I were gleaming the whole rest of the street! It was truly a miracle!

On Tuesday we had zone conference!! So we got to go to Kingsland Georgia! We got with the other sisters and carpooled up there! We had car inspections, and then a training by a member in Salt Lake. And guess what! We have Tiwis now! Which are these little black boxes that goes in our cars. They monitor our seatbelts, speed, aggressive driving, and brakes. So if you aren't driving appropriately the Tiwi talks to you and tells you to "check your speed" or "check your driving" it was actually a very spiritual training! I learned so much about obedience and safety! He shared lots of experiences around different missions that have Tiwis. And the best part... We all have our own personal log in cards, so every time before we start driving
we hold our card up the the Tiwi box and "log in" to our car! Right! Who else gets to log into their car! Probably Batman! So we are now on Batmans status! Haha so cool! The meeting was so so good! I can't
believe it will be my last Zone Conference! :( at the end, all the departing missionaries bore their testimonies. We only had 2 minutes to share, and I'll tell you what there was definitely more crying than talking that happened in that 2 minutes! Haha but it was a good experience. And we went out to dinner with all of the sisters afterwards. I got to see one of my previous Companions Sister Francom!

On Wednesday we saw Marshall again with our Ward mission leader! It was an amazing lesson! Marshall is still so committed! We left him a chapter to read, and he read it right after we left! We told him all about church and he basically committed himself to come! He is so awesome!

On Friday we decided to get out on the streets again and knock some doors! Our goal was to have a lesson and find a New investigator. We knocked on the door and the the lady let us right in! We had a great
discussion with her. And we set a time to come back! Wow! We just achieved our goal right there at the first house! We kept knocking and on the last door we knocked on the same thing happened! The first and
last houses is where it's all at I guess! But we were really excited about the people we met! We are seeing them again this week!

On Sunday Marshall came to church! He was even early! He got to meet a lot of the members, and he stayed all 3 hours!! He loved everything that was said and mentioned that he had never felt so welcomed at a
church! We are seeing him again this Tuesday! Yay!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Baptism dates, and leaky apartment!

Hey everyone! Wow this week has been so eventful!!

We have been biking everywhere!! Biking is the best! Except we totally got rained on this week, and we got stuck on our members porch. But we had a member bring her truck and come save us and take us home!! :) so nice!

We had a huge huge miracle this week! We were trying to contact some old investigators missionaries have taught. And we texted a lady named Coco and asked her if we could come over again. She replied right away and said yes! We had a lesson with her and taught her the whole restoration! We invited her to be baptized and she said YES!!! Yay!!! We finally have an investigator who is progressing towards baptism! Yes! It was a miracle!

And then this is really funny! We got home from biking, and I unlocked our door and opened it...and I hear rain. We had just biked home and it wasn't raining, but I looked again to double check, cause you never
know with Florida weather. And nope no rain. I turned on our lights and...Behold! water was leaking from our ceiling and down our walls!! Ahhh!!!! We quickly called the maintenance guy, and our next door
neighbor came over (she's a recent convert). We quickly broke out all the bowls and tried to hold all the water, we also laid towels all over! The maintenance guy finally came and sucked up all the water,
and set up fans all over. We had to have these fans running all night and all day! So for 2 days straight we couldn't hear much! Haha so funny. But it is all cleaned up and dry now! Haha anyway that was fun!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Car Share Time!

This week was amazing! So first of all, as the title heading announces. We are in a car share!! We just found out on Tuesday! So we now are on bikes for 3 days and then we get the car for 3 days! Haha yes! So much fun! But of course we are missionaries so we have junky bikes, but luckily the elders here can fix bikes so they had some fun with them, but now they are up and ready for us to use!

Sister Handy, Sister Knudsen and Sister Clay
This week we had a departing sister join us for the day. It was Sister Clay!!! I used to go on trade offs with her! It was so much fun to be with her again!! And oh my goodness I have gained a testimony of the power of trios! We went tracting and in one hour we had 5 lessons and 2 new investigators! It was amazing!

So with our car share we decided to walk to the neighborhood around us. In the rain. Without the car. Yup it was a fun day! But we kept warm and we talked to everyone we saw! Yay!

Thanks for the valentine package
I don't have a lot of time today but enjoy these pictures!!!   Happy Valentines!!! 💗💗❤️❤️

Monday, February 1, 2016

91 degrees today!

Wow this week was amazing!!!

On Tuesday was our distinct meeting! We got a little creative with our pictures... Haha

We are in the process of cleaning out our area book! We have a lot of investigators and potentials in the Elders area, so we decided to go through them all and see if there was any potential! We actually found
2 new investigators! The first man we met was Roy, he knows a few Mormons and has actually read some of the Book of Mormon before! We were able to share more with him and invite him to read and pray about
it! Yay! The other man we met is Christopher! He invited us in right as we opened the door! (But we are sisters, so we had to talk to him outside) we taught him the whole restoration! And he said if he receives his answer that our message is true! That he'll be baptized!!! So amazing! There are some awesome people in the area book!!
Sisters in our zone
We got zone t-shirts

We had a tender miracle the other day! Last week we met a guy named Wade. He is so nice and friendly and shafted talking with us right away, we weren't able to get into the restoration, but we were able to
talk about other aspects of the church! We saw him again this week, and we ended us teaching the law of chastity, haha alright. He mentioned in our conversation that he is trying not to swear anymore. We asked him if he prayed about it, and he said he doesn't pray to God about little things like that. We taught him more about prayer and how God loves us so much and wants to hear from us. We invited him to pray, but he was shy about, so instead he had Sister Handy say a prayer, and then I said a prayer. After I said a prayer we looked at him and he had tears in his eyes!

This weekend was stake conference. I love going back and seeing my previous stake! It's so good to see them all again! Driving to stake conference and back took way longer than we thought, and we ended up
only having 4 hours to finish all of our goals! We needed 1 other lesson, 1 new investigator, 1 less active member lesson, referrals received, and 1 referral contacted! So we had a lot that needed to be done, in such short time! We calculated that we had about 30 minutes before dinner with the Millers. So we prayed and tried to figure out what was most beneficial. After we prayed, a lady named Mary came into our mind. We tried her and she was home. Right when she answered she explained that she wants to attend our church next week! Wow! Okay awesome! We taught her the word of wisdom and invited her to pray about what we shared with her. We also set a time for us to come back!!! Wow! We just had our other lesson, and new investigator! We got back in our car and it was exactly 30 minutes!!! Wow! We headed to
dinner and we started asking them, who they could refer us to to try! They gave us a name, and then another, and then 2 others! Wow! It's been so hard for us to get referrals but then all of the sudden we got 4 right there! As we were leaving their home, one of their (referrals) their neighbor, was outside! We got to talk to him right there and then and invite him to hear our message! Wow! We achieved 4 of our goals and that night we were seeing sister Gene so goal 5 was completed! It was an amazing way to end off the week!! Ahaha yes!

Side note: We deep cleaned our kitchen today! We had 3 garbage bags full of junk to get rid of! Wow! Missionary apartment are nuts!