Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Last weeks post

  So this week has been very very eventful!!

We have a lot of people on our records that aren't making a lot of progress in the gospel! In fact we ended up dropping a few investigators this week. Dropping people is always bitter sweet because you come to love these people so much and it's hard not to see them. But it's also amazing because we are able to let them have time to reflect on what we taught, and we are more able to find those who are ready for the gospel! Dropping people definitely is an act of faith, we have faith that the lord is going to help us rebuild our
teaching pool! Yay for finding!!

We had some amazing experiences this week though!! It was raining and dark outside but Sister Handy and I felt really good about knocking a street we had found. We decided that in the next hour we wanted to
teach 2 lessons! It was a higher goal, but we felt inspired! As we knocked we found some amazing people! Even those that were not interested, was able to talk with us about Jesus Christ, or at least acknowledge the good work we were doing. In addition we were able to teach 3 people about the gospel!! It was amazing to hit above and beyond our goal! It was a huge testimony builder to me that the lord is preparing people to receive us and to help us achieve our goals!

We also had another amazing experience! We were at one of our members for a BBQ with the Ward, and his non-member friend was in town. She's heard a lot about the church, but never got into it much. We were able to have a lessons it's her right then and there and tell her about our general beliefs and invite her to church! She accepted and came!! After church she told us she wants to have missionaries contact her
when we goes back home! So amazing!! We have seen so many tender mercies this week!

Enjoy the pics! ;)

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