Monday, January 25, 2016

Breaking News!

This week was so good!!

So on Monday we had a miracle! We found a street to knock and the first door we tried, a lady opened the door, and without any hesitation she invited us to come right inside! Wow! We started talking to her and turns out her family is Mormon, and she grew up Mormon! She seemed familiar to me, and as we started talking, I found out that I knew her family!!! I met them in St John's River when I served there!!! Such a small world! It was awesome to talk to her and to meet her, and now we are going to move her records so that she is in our area now!

On Wednesday we had the FIRST missionary broadcast!! It was a broadcast all for missionaries and it was shown all around the world! It was amazing! We went over all the fundamentals of missionary work, and how we can improve our finding, teaching, and member work! Yay!!

On Thursday we had an awesome lesson! We knocked and met a lady named Janie. We had a another lesson with her this week and brought a member with us! It was an amazing lesson! We taught her the restoration and invited her to be baptized! She was excited about the Book of Mormon and reading to find out the truth! So good! We are seeing her again on Thursday!

On Friday! We had our trainees and trainers meeting! It was amazing!! All the trainees in the mission get together and we have more training's from President and Sister Craig! It was great to see all the other trainees and how much they have all grown! We got some pictures all together!

We also had a outer miracle! While tracking we met a man named Wade. We introduced ourselves and he interrupted us and asked where our church was! We told him and he got really excited! He told us that 30 years ago he drove by our church, and they were sponsoring a "free quit smoking program" he attended it, and after just 3 classes he was able to quit! We were able to talk to him more about the atonement and
about change and he was really responsive! We are seeing him this next week to teach him the restoration!! Yay!
It's been a good week, and I can't believe January is almost over!! It is so weird!!
 This lady have a light up flamingo! Haha

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