Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Another busy week!

So sorry about last week, today has actually been crazy as well, but I'll try my best to write enough! I have included last weeks post in another email.

I am so so happy for Emily Naylor!!! She is so strong! So what is currently happening with her situation? That is so special for her!! 

Quick update on me. I am doing amazing!!! Training has actually been way easier than I could have ever imagined! Sister Handy is amazing and she is already so brave and confident with talking to everyone and teaching! We are struggling finding new investigators right now. We have been doing a lot of less active work, while trying to find new people who are ready for the gospel. It's been kind of bitter sweet, because we actually have found some awesome people lately! But! They end up not living in our boundaries, they are moving, or they need to be passed along to the Elders or the YSA missionaries! We are hoping we get some good karma and maybe some missionaries will find people that are in our boundaries! Haha it really has been great though. We are talking to everyone we see and have gotten a few lessons by just interrupting people on the street! Florida has been really nice this winter, in fact it's been really hot!! Unusually hot! This week it finally cooled down and was in the 50's (everyone was shocked that we were wearing jackets!) haha the mission has truly been amazing, it is weird to think that it is coming to en end :( but I still have 3 long long months of lots of work to do! I love you so much! Thank you for everything!!

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