Monday, January 18, 2016

Catch up for last week!

 So last week, our car died! We had a member help us recharge our battery, and the sweet guy even gave us the jumper cables to keep in our car! Blessings! Our car kept sounding weird, so we had to take it
in the shop and get a new battery. So, we were without a car for a few days! But, we had some miracles! Since we had no car we decided to try some investigators that lived near by, or that lived in our apartment
complex! We were walking to the nearby neighborhoods, and we met a man walking his dogs. His name was Larry and he is, what's know as a "born again Christian" we had a awesome discussion with him about
Jesus Christ and we were able to share with him the Restoration! Unfortunately, we never got his home address! Ahh! (But wait there's more!) so fast forward a few days, we had our car back and it was late
at night again and we were trying to figure out where we needed to be. We were sitting in the car and was praying for direction. When up ahead I could see someone walking and it reminded me of Larry! Before
I said anything, Sister Handy said that Larry popped into her mind! Gosh I love the spirit! So we drove forward back to the place where we had first met Larry. And as we drove the "person" I saw walking was
actually a tree. But it's alright because I still thought of Larry! So we drive around the corner and just as it was the other day Larry was right there!! We got so excited and pulled over and talked with him more. He said he read the restoration pamphlet and found it very interesting! He said he would like to attend church! Wow! So amazing! It's funny to me that sometimes God lets our battery go dead, or things like that, so that we can meet people we otherwise would not have met! :)

Then on Tuesday was Zone meeting!!! It was so so good! It was all about becoming missionary's that teach and declare repentance! Our gospel is centered around the atonement and all about change! Change is good! Scary, but so good! It was an amazing training and Sister Handy and I have been focusing our lessons to teach more about the atonement and the wonderful gift it is! After zone meeting we of course had our classic "sister lunch" it's so much fun to be with the other sisters! They all are so amazing!

Okay funny story, so we have been trying to clean up our area book, and we have a lot of records that only have a phone number, no address. So we decided we would text/call some of these individuals and see if they still have interest. We texted a man named Logan who apparently sisters had talked to before, and when we asked him if he would be interested in learning more his reply was "nah I'm good, y'all rejected my hug!" Haha made me laugh so hard! Sorry mister, we are sisters!

Okay then this Friday was so amazing! So, it was Sister Handys birthday! So what do I do? I wake her up an extra 10 minutes earlier, I'm belting happy birthday with my morning voice, and spraying her with silly string! And guess what! She didn't kill me! Haha she's a good sport but it was a lot of fun! After weekly planning we had a trade off with our Sister Training Leaders! And we have made some changes, so instead so trading a companion in each of our areas. Both companionship work in the same area and just divide up during the day. It was a lot of fun! We both were able to head out and try different people, and come back together that night. Sister Hudson and I went out with a member and she took some pictures of us in front of
some lions.. Yup, just a few kittens out on the town!

Anyway it really has been an amazing week!!

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