Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Merry Christmas! My new Greenie...


Okay, we are still locating where we will by skyping still, but that time frame should work for us! Probably 3:00 will be best for us, so 1:00 your time! 

And yes I am staying in Mandarin 1st Ward. I will probably end my mission here with Sister Handy. I had typed up my email about this past week, but it got deleted.. I don't have the time or energy to type everything back up, but I am doing very well! Elder Dean is training as well, so we were both at the trainees meeting together! I'll send you a picture. And yes I got your Christmas package! And no, I am a very good girl and I haven't opened it yet! ;) I am glad to hear I have more silly string! Because I am almost out! :) 

I love you so much and I can't wait to talk to y'all this Friday!!! 
Here is Elder Dean and I with and our new greenies!! 

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