Tuesday, December 15, 2015

I am having a girl!

Last Monday we had a zone p-day and got together with our whole zone to play sports, and to practice for our Christmas skit! We are doing our performance of "Feliz Navidad" we are having some missionaries sing In front of the curtain, and for the chorus the curtain will open and the whole zone will be in the background dancing! It should be pretty fun! Haha

Tuesday we had district meeting, and afterwards went to lunch with all the other sisters. Also it is so weird to be the only "old" missionary. Over half of all the missionaries in the mission has been out less than 6 months! We have a very young mission right now and there are not too many "seniors"

Thursday was the Christmas party! Wow! It was so so much fun! The whole mission gets together and we have skits, dinner, a picture slideshow, and a Christmas devotional! So much fun! I got to see all my old companions! And all my mission friends! Also, I want to thank all of my family back at home who all wrote me!!! It was a wonderful gift to hear from all of you! The mission Christmas party is by far my favorite day! The spirit as a missionary intensifies during Christmas! The songs at the devotional were so pretty and half the room was in tears!

It's sad to me to see the true meaning of Christmas not matter to so many people. We met a couple the other day and asked them how they keep Christ in Christmas. They stared at each other for a minute and said
they have no clue. I love being able to share with others the gift of Christ! When we fully understand what Christ did for us and the sacrifice he made for every single one of us. We are able to recognize
that he truly gave the best gift we could ever receive! Without him there would be no healing, no forgiveness, no peace, no hope, no second chances. But because of Christ all of those things are available to us! He showed us and allowed for us to know the way to have pure happiness! And that's something to be excited about! The church has put out 2 Christmas clips! A Savior is Born, and Why We Need a Savior! They both are amazing go watch them!!!

I would say that the Christmas party was the highlight of my week, but it's not. So I forgot to warn all of you last week, but this week is transfers! Because of the holidays this transfer was only 5 weeks instead of 6. So yesterday Sister Barton and I was helping doing some service for a member, when we get a phone call. And it's President Craig! We both got super nervous and ran into the other room to answer. President Craig proceeded to tell me he would like me to train a new missionary this transfer!!!  Ahhhh!!!!!! I'm going to be a
trainer!!!! I am so excited!!! I have been praying that I could finish out my mission strong till the end, whatever that meant for me, and I feel so blessed that God has provided me this chance to train! I am
excited and very nervous! I am so sad to see Sister Barton leave! Her and I have had so much fun in these short 5 weeks! But I know this is the lords path for both of us and we both are excited and ready for it!!

We have been truly spoiled this week! Some members gave us gifts and even a set of PJ's! My favorite!!

also only in Florida is there ice cream trucks driving around in December! -also puppies!


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