Monday, December 7, 2015

Getting ready for Christmas!

This week We helped decorate a Christmas tree for the Hunts! We helped them get their decorations from the attic, and started setting up the tree. Then brother Hunt stares at us with a look of disapproval. We
ask him what's wrong and he then explains that it would be contrary to the Christmas spirit if we didn't wear Santa hats while decorating! Haha so here is a picture of us with our hats!
Tuesday night, our Ward mission leader arranged for us to go on a blitz. So me and my companion would split off and do some member work with a lady from the Ward. I headed out with sister Beevers to do some
less active work. Our Ward mission leader thinks he is hilarious, and gave us all the people who lived in gated communities! We had quite the struggle trying to get into these complexes, without looking like stalkers. But we managed to get inside ever community and invite the less active members to our Ward Christmas party! Yay!

Wednesday was zone meeting! Not going to lie, it was weird attending a zone meeting that I didn't have to give a training for! I actually got to sit in the crowd and soak it all in! It was wonderful! Our leaders are amazing and are powerful teachers! After the meeting we went to lunch with all the sisters and we tried to take a picture of all of us (let's not judge my selfie skills to harshly) after lunch We had trade offs with our sister training leaders. I got to be with Sister! We worked in her area in Hendricks for the day! It's always fun to see new areas! I have been missing being a sister training leaders, and being able to be with all the sisters in their areas. But it sure is nice to only have to focus on one area too! On our trade off we helped
someone else decorate their tree! I have been able to really practice my decorating skills this Christmas!

On Friday we helped the Ward prepare for their Christmas party! They went all out for the decorations! It took a lot of work, but it was looking like Christmas by the time we were done! The Ward Christmas
party was amazing! One of our inactive members we've been working with came! We were so excited and she really enjoyed herself! Each organization did a lip sync! They were so funny! Also, 5 minutes before it started our relief society president told us that we are to join them in the lip sync! So yeah, let's just say no one knew what to do. Haha but it was fun!

Also this week for lunch, we decided to go to Clarks Fishcamp. It's quite the place. The outside it decorated inch to inch with fish and statues of animals! And the inside is even worse! There is animals everywhere, even on the menu! You could basically order anything. Sister Barton ordered Quail. Sadly I was not as brave as she was, but I did have Gator Ribs! And those were good! Also! I finally saw my first gator in person!

This week we have been doing a lot of finding and really cleaning out our area book! We have potentials that were last seen 3 years ago! So we are organizing it, contacting all these investigators, and finding those who have real intent to learn the gospel! It's been a long process and we haven't been able to see a lot of fruit from it yet, but we definitely are getting there! Jacksonville is a big place and the lord is preparing a lot of people here! It's just hard trying to find them all! ;)

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