Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Words can even describe this week.

So first off, I apologize for not warning y'all bout transfer week!  It's this week so my pday is today! That being said... I'm being transferred!!!!! :( :( :( I've been in Lake Butler for 6 months now! I knew my time would be coming up soon, especially as a Sister Training Leader. The average time is usually 4 months! So I was really lucky to stay as long as I did!

So, that being said, I am being transferred to Mandrain 1st Ward in Jacksonville! Yikes! Country to the city. It's going to be quite the shock for me! I love the country so much and I'm going to miss all the dirt roads! But I am excited to go to the city! I'll be right in the heart of the mission! So well see how it is! I spent all morning packing so now I'm all set! This was a perfect last week in Lake Butler though, Priscilla's baptism was by far the best day ever! Here it is!

Priscilla's baptism!!!!

Wow what a wonderful week it has been! I am so grateful I got to meet and to teach Priscilla! We had her baptism interview this week, she was so nervous for it but she did so good! On Saturday was her baptism! Okay. Everyone. This was thee most spiritual and special baptism I have ever seen! Priscilla arrived at the church and we gave her her baptismal gown and had her get dressed. We checked back up on her and she was in tears! We gave her a hug and she explained to us that after she got dressed in white, she said a prayer. And while she prayed she felt very strongly that God loves her and that he is so proud of her! The spirit was so strong and we just cried with her! The baptism was amazing! And after she came out of the water she told us how free and happy she felt! We met back together for the next baptism talk. It was so sweet! And Priscilla's was still crying! (Which means I was still crying!) then our relief society president, Sister Smith, welcomed her to relief society. Sister Smith didn't get a chance to meet with Priscilla much, but she has meet her briefly at church. When we introduced Priscilla, she said the sweetest things about her! I
don't think there was a dry eye in the room! The next day at church, Priscilla's  blessing was so powerful!  She had some very special things promised to her! At church it then hit me that, this was probably my last Sunday! After sacrament I talked to a few of the members about transfers, and they all were so sweet! I'm going to miss them so much! So of course I started crying again at church! Then in Sunday school everyone was so worried about  me cause my face was all red! Which just made me cry more, because these members are so funny and I'm going to miss them! It was a good day though!

 Here is me trying to pack. 

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