Monday, November 30, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

 First of all I want to thank my family and friends for all the Thanksgiving wishes and pictures! I loved them all so much!!

This THANKSGIVING has been amazing! Not going to lie, it has been hard to miss home, because everyone here is so welcoming!

 Before thanksgiving, we did some service for Sister Bethea. Her family just had a funeral, and she needed some help with the funeral flowers, so we put on our florist hats and helped her split it up into small vases that she could give out, she even gave one to us!! So sweet!!!

Then on Thursday, we did some service for a member, he is less active and lives alone, so for service he leaves the house, and we go in and clean it! Haha after that, we decided to go to a nursing home and
visit the people there! We met some great ladies, they had Alzheimers and randomly asked us "what did you do with all that money" we explained that we didn't receive any money? She then asked us "well, then what happened to it!" It was a lot of fun and they loved our visit. One of the workers was with us and we had an opportunity to tell her more about our church and missionary work! Yay for always keeping your line in the water!!!

Then thanksgiving! We had dinner with a Filipino family! And in answer to your question, yes I had Filipino food for thanksgiving! (Okay okay, they had American food as well, but still!) it was really good!
They invited lots of friends and families and 2 other sets of missionaries! And let me tell ya, Filipinos know how to party!

After dinner, we headed to some recent converts, the Matzkes. They had us help them set up their Christmas trees and their Christmas lights! Brother Matzke had us all on the floor testing out all the Christmas
lights, and when a light bulb was out, we played "Doctor" and made sure all the lights were bright and alive! Sadly, 2 strands didn't make it, and were needed for surgery. But after some wire cutters, and
careful masking tape skills, all was well!! It was a great thanksgiving!!!

We have been in the finding phases of missionary work! We are rebuilding our teaching pool and finding the elect! Which means a lot of knocking! In our district meeting we focused a lot about contacting, and using "power statements" which means we find a powerful conversation starter to help us go right into teaching!
Sister Barton and I have been using them a lot! Every door we try to use a new statement, and extend a new commitment! It's been great and we are starting to find people who are interested! Yay! This is going
to be a great month!

 Here is a balloon we found on the street! (While we were walking we saw a balloon tied to a weight drifting in the middle of the road! So naturally us 20 year olds ran into the street and saved this poor abandoned balloon! (Don't worry mom and dad, we looked both ways before entering the street!) 🎈🎈

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