Monday, November 23, 2015

Finding, Finding, Finding!

Hello everyone I love!

This week went by so fast I'm trying to remember what happened!  On Wednesday we were asked to help out with a funeral! Archie (a member here) passed away this week, and his wife asked us to sing at the funeral! (Even with my lack of a singing voice!) but Sister Barton is an amazing singer so we had some good practice and the song turned out wonderful! Archie's son, actually straight up told us that he is not a member, and that he has been wanting to learn more about the church! We were a little shocked at how straight forward he was! But we are so excited to teach him more! Also, on that same day we were asked to help out at a baby shower for a less active member. So we had lots of service of cleaning and laying out food, etc. but it's been great for me to meet all the members in Mandarin!

Thursday! We had zone conference! It was, as always AMAZING!!! It was all about being a consecrated missionary. In preparation we all read "becoming a consecrated missionary" and had great discussions about
how our fear, and our pride get in the way of us following gods will for us! I realized that this is my second to last zone conference! :( I only have one more! Oh the struggles of getting old! In conjunction with the training, our district has set some goals for us all to get out there and talk to everyone we can! As a district we are going to talk to 1300 people this week! It's been so much fun! We try not to let anyone walk by us, without us telling them who we are, and what we're about!

Anyway, I want to apologize for not having pictures this week. I'll try to do better and have some for y'all next week! I love you all and hope you have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!

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