Monday, November 30, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

 First of all I want to thank my family and friends for all the Thanksgiving wishes and pictures! I loved them all so much!!

This THANKSGIVING has been amazing! Not going to lie, it has been hard to miss home, because everyone here is so welcoming!

 Before thanksgiving, we did some service for Sister Bethea. Her family just had a funeral, and she needed some help with the funeral flowers, so we put on our florist hats and helped her split it up into small vases that she could give out, she even gave one to us!! So sweet!!!

Then on Thursday, we did some service for a member, he is less active and lives alone, so for service he leaves the house, and we go in and clean it! Haha after that, we decided to go to a nursing home and
visit the people there! We met some great ladies, they had Alzheimers and randomly asked us "what did you do with all that money" we explained that we didn't receive any money? She then asked us "well, then what happened to it!" It was a lot of fun and they loved our visit. One of the workers was with us and we had an opportunity to tell her more about our church and missionary work! Yay for always keeping your line in the water!!!

Then thanksgiving! We had dinner with a Filipino family! And in answer to your question, yes I had Filipino food for thanksgiving! (Okay okay, they had American food as well, but still!) it was really good!
They invited lots of friends and families and 2 other sets of missionaries! And let me tell ya, Filipinos know how to party!

After dinner, we headed to some recent converts, the Matzkes. They had us help them set up their Christmas trees and their Christmas lights! Brother Matzke had us all on the floor testing out all the Christmas
lights, and when a light bulb was out, we played "Doctor" and made sure all the lights were bright and alive! Sadly, 2 strands didn't make it, and were needed for surgery. But after some wire cutters, and
careful masking tape skills, all was well!! It was a great thanksgiving!!!

We have been in the finding phases of missionary work! We are rebuilding our teaching pool and finding the elect! Which means a lot of knocking! In our district meeting we focused a lot about contacting, and using "power statements" which means we find a powerful conversation starter to help us go right into teaching!
Sister Barton and I have been using them a lot! Every door we try to use a new statement, and extend a new commitment! It's been great and we are starting to find people who are interested! Yay! This is going
to be a great month!

 Here is a balloon we found on the street! (While we were walking we saw a balloon tied to a weight drifting in the middle of the road! So naturally us 20 year olds ran into the street and saved this poor abandoned balloon! (Don't worry mom and dad, we looked both ways before entering the street!) 🎈🎈

Monday, November 23, 2015

Finding, Finding, Finding!

Hello everyone I love!

This week went by so fast I'm trying to remember what happened!  On Wednesday we were asked to help out with a funeral! Archie (a member here) passed away this week, and his wife asked us to sing at the funeral! (Even with my lack of a singing voice!) but Sister Barton is an amazing singer so we had some good practice and the song turned out wonderful! Archie's son, actually straight up told us that he is not a member, and that he has been wanting to learn more about the church! We were a little shocked at how straight forward he was! But we are so excited to teach him more! Also, on that same day we were asked to help out at a baby shower for a less active member. So we had lots of service of cleaning and laying out food, etc. but it's been great for me to meet all the members in Mandarin!

Thursday! We had zone conference! It was, as always AMAZING!!! It was all about being a consecrated missionary. In preparation we all read "becoming a consecrated missionary" and had great discussions about
how our fear, and our pride get in the way of us following gods will for us! I realized that this is my second to last zone conference! :( I only have one more! Oh the struggles of getting old! In conjunction with the training, our district has set some goals for us all to get out there and talk to everyone we can! As a district we are going to talk to 1300 people this week! It's been so much fun! We try not to let anyone walk by us, without us telling them who we are, and what we're about!

Anyway, I want to apologize for not having pictures this week. I'll try to do better and have some for y'all next week! I love you all and hope you have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Welcome to Mandarin!

Hello hello hello everyone!
Sandra and Rusty from Lake Butler

This week has been amazing and full of changes! I was able to say goodbye to lots of people that I loved from Lake Butler! And able to meet lots of the new people here in Mandarin! There definitely is a lot of pro and cons to serving in the city! So many people to talk to and share the gospel with! But, so much traffic! Haha and "no soliciting" signs, Oh well, it's been a great week though!

 Yummy Glitter Apples!

 The Ward mission leader here is awesome, and so on top of everything! My companion Sister Barton is amazing! She's from Syracuse Utah! And has been on her mission for about 4 months now! We have had so much fun in just these few days! I have a feeling my time in Mandarin will be very busy! Bring it on!

Pop up Temple book! What!
My new companion Sister Barton

I don't have a lot to report this week.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Words can even describe this week.

So first off, I apologize for not warning y'all bout transfer week!  It's this week so my pday is today! That being said... I'm being transferred!!!!! :( :( :( I've been in Lake Butler for 6 months now! I knew my time would be coming up soon, especially as a Sister Training Leader. The average time is usually 4 months! So I was really lucky to stay as long as I did!

So, that being said, I am being transferred to Mandrain 1st Ward in Jacksonville! Yikes! Country to the city. It's going to be quite the shock for me! I love the country so much and I'm going to miss all the dirt roads! But I am excited to go to the city! I'll be right in the heart of the mission! So well see how it is! I spent all morning packing so now I'm all set! This was a perfect last week in Lake Butler though, Priscilla's baptism was by far the best day ever! Here it is!

Priscilla's baptism!!!!

Wow what a wonderful week it has been! I am so grateful I got to meet and to teach Priscilla! We had her baptism interview this week, she was so nervous for it but she did so good! On Saturday was her baptism! Okay. Everyone. This was thee most spiritual and special baptism I have ever seen! Priscilla arrived at the church and we gave her her baptismal gown and had her get dressed. We checked back up on her and she was in tears! We gave her a hug and she explained to us that after she got dressed in white, she said a prayer. And while she prayed she felt very strongly that God loves her and that he is so proud of her! The spirit was so strong and we just cried with her! The baptism was amazing! And after she came out of the water she told us how free and happy she felt! We met back together for the next baptism talk. It was so sweet! And Priscilla's was still crying! (Which means I was still crying!) then our relief society president, Sister Smith, welcomed her to relief society. Sister Smith didn't get a chance to meet with Priscilla much, but she has meet her briefly at church. When we introduced Priscilla, she said the sweetest things about her! I
don't think there was a dry eye in the room! The next day at church, Priscilla's  blessing was so powerful!  She had some very special things promised to her! At church it then hit me that, this was probably my last Sunday! After sacrament I talked to a few of the members about transfers, and they all were so sweet! I'm going to miss them so much! So of course I started crying again at church! Then in Sunday school everyone was so worried about  me cause my face was all red! Which just made me cry more, because these members are so funny and I'm going to miss them! It was a good day though!

 Here is me trying to pack. 

Monday, November 2, 2015

Happy Halloween!

Sister Gibb and I
Sister Gagnon and I