Monday, October 5, 2015

Transfers! New companion! And Conference!!!

Sister Mann with Sister Knudsen
Wow wow wow

Very busy week! First off we had transfer meeting! We had some of the members here drive us out early in the morning so Sister Dixon could get to the trainers meeting! We were only there for a few minutes when
Sister Mann came! It's a little weird being companions with someone you came out with, but we had have so much fun! The transfer meeting was a little bit different this time, instead of waiting with the other missionaries, they pulled all of us Sister Training Leaders out to meet with Sister Craig! We got to be one on one with her and talk about how we can be better examples! We got to discuss a lot of things related to our call and ask lots of questions! It was the best! After that we have lunch, had all the departing testimonies, and headed back to good ole Lake Butler! That night was young women's and Book of Mormon class, so Sister Mann got to meet quite a few of the members!

Then General Conference!!!
Each year I wonder how conference could get any better, and then it DOES!!! This year was by far the best! I loved all the talks about women, and mothers! And also the talks about rebuilding our faith and membership! We have so many investigators we can't wait to show these talks to!! I especially loved Elder Larry Lawrence! He talked about taking time aside to ask the lord, what we lack? I loved all the different examples he shared about how the spirit speaks to us! I have really learned how to listen to the spirit on my mission! It's amazing to me how individual and personal the spirit can answer us! I hope all of you have had a chance to ask the lord about a way you can grow and improve! I also really love the talk about ponderizing! It was an answer to prayer in itself! In our mission we already chose a scripture to memorize each week! And earlier this week I was thinking about how I would love to keep that tradition after my mission, I never knew that was I was thinking about was indeed ponderizing!!! Yay!! Also! Elder Keetch!!! Wow! I had forgot about him being in Area Seventy and when his name was announced I was so excited! He did such a good job it was amazing! I might have to use his "barrier" story when we teach people about the importance of the commandments!!

We had a slow week with all the changes and such, but now that things are settled down, we are ready to hit the ground running!  Sister Mann and I have been thinking about what we need to do to really help this area grow and flourish! We want to work a lot with the members and part-member families! As well as finding! I am so excited to see what this week will bring! Sister Mann and I have been having a lot of fun! We've been reminiscing about the good old days back in the MTC! Everyone keeps asking Sister Mann how long she has been out on her mission, and we both just laugh and say we came out together! It's so much fun! Haha

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