Monday, October 19, 2015

Ship Shape and Bristol Fashion!

This week was one good thing after another!
Tuesday! Lake City Zone Meeting! Best Zone Meeting I have ever had!!! My training to the zone was all about helping our investigators pray! It was amazing! That's something I personally wanted to work on with
those that we teach, and being able to give a training on it helped me so much! President and sister Craig decided they wanted to attend, I guess they thought I needed to be more nervous about my training! But!
It was amazing! The Lake City Zone is incredible! Everyone had so much enthusiasm and was excited for my training! After the meeting I had, yet again, another trade off with Sister Anderson! This has been our
4th trade off together! It has been so so much fun to be with each other again! We had a great time talking about our favorite things we learned on our missions! I love being a missionary!!!

On Wednesday we finished our trade off, and then! Sister Mann and I headed to Kingsland! We slept over with the Kingsland Sisters, and they were able to provide us with air mattresses! Woo! We had a good
time, and early Thursday morning we had.... Another Zone Meeting! So I got a second go at my training I gave for Lake City Zone for the Kingsland Zone! Much better the second time though! ;) after the
meeting we went to lunch with all of our Kingsland zone sisters! Both Zone Meetings were wonderful! It's also wonderful to be done! Haha

On Friday we had another trade off! But, this time it was with a different set of Sister Training Leaders! Sister Miller and Sister Bolos from Gainseville Zone! Sister Miller came to Lake Butler with me
and we had so much fun! She used to serve in Macclenny so it was like having her back in the zone again!!
Sister Miller
Sister Anderson

On Saturday we were able to meet with Priscilla again!  We read a chapter in the Book of Mormon and invited her to baptized on November 7th!  She was hesitant, and told us she would still think about it! I

was sad to hear that answer but we invited her to church tomorrow and to really think about it. She came to church on Sunday and brought her grandkids with her. She stayed all 3 hours, and today she seemed way
more comfortable with everything! The members here have been taking her right in under their wings so that's always helpful! A few hours have passed away since after church and... We get a phone call for Priscilla! She told us she has some good news and told us to go ahead and sign her up for baptism on November 7th!!! Wow!!!! Sister Mann and I did a little happy dance (during and after the phone call) hahah it was amazing we are so so excited for her! She is truly ready and she is making the best decision on her life!!!

I absolutely love being a missionary and seeing individuals change everyday! I am so grateful for this time that I have to be a Sister Training Leader and to get to know all of the sisters so well! I learn so much from every one of them and it's so incredible!

Hope everyone has a good week!!!

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