Monday, October 26, 2015

Georgia on my mind?

So once again, I don't have a ton of time, so here is a quick update on my week!
Sister Knudsen --Sister Hudson

The Brunswick sisters and sister Craig!

On Tuesday we headed off to our trade off with the Brunswick sisters! I got to be with Sister Stoddard in Brunswick! We had so much fun! She is currently in training, and it was the first time being in the area by herself so she was really nervous! But! She did so good, and we didn't even get lost! The next morning on Wednesday we had District meeting! Turns out the Zone Leaders decided to attend that day as well! So Elder Calap had 2 additional guests at his meeting.... And then! To all of our surprise! President and Sister Craig showed up! All we needed was the assistants and we would have had a full house! We had a wonderful district meeting and we learned so much! Afterwards we decided to go to lunch with us 3 sets of sisters, and president and Sister Craig wanted to join us! We headed to a Mexican restaurant and all had a blast! I love President and Sister Craig so much! After lunch we had our second trade off with the other Brunswick sisters! Sister Hudson came with me to Lake Butler! We found a new investigator and then attended Book of Mormon class with our baptism date Priscilla! The members love her so much, and she loves them! We are so so excited for her to progress and be baptized!

The adventures of Sister Mann and I in providence!

After all the trade offs, sister Mann and I took a whole day to work in Providence! We strapped our bikes to our car and headed out to find new investigators! We biked and drove all over the place! We found
ourselves in some very ghetto areas, we even came across a trailer without walls and was being used as a dump! I'm going to miss the south! We had a great time though, and found 2 families we are going to start teaching! Yay! On Sunday Priscilla came to church again! Each time she comes she meets more and more members and loves them all so much more! She can hardly wait for her baptism on the 7th! She told us
she invited her family, and that her kids told her they would come and support her! Yay! Everything is falling into place! Lake Butler is amazing! We had yet another of the young women here prepare and leave for her mission! I have loved getting to know Brooke Starling and Madison Archer! They are great examples and are both in the MTC now! The lords work is progressing and it's amazing to be part of it! I love this gospel!!!!

This lady has 2 horses... Or dogs, their so big I can't tell...

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