Monday, October 12, 2015

A week full of tender mercies!

Tuesday we had district meeting in Macclenny. We headed over there and had an amazing time! There was a member in the Ward who surprised us all with lunch! She just showed up and treated us all lunch for free.
It was so sweet!

Wednesday we had MLC! We headed out to Jacksonville at 7:00 in the morning. We had an amazing leadership meeting. 4 out of the 5 Sister Trainer Leaders in the mission are new! It was a wonderful first time
experience for all of them. Sister Craig actually asked us if we could demonstrate a role play for everyone! It was Sister Manns first time and we were pretty nervous about it. But the time came for us to give a role play in front of all the leadership in the mission and it went really well! We had all kinds of trainings about helping our investigators receive their answers to their prayers, and to understanding the scriptures! It was all so good!!

Thursday we went with Sister Ginger to help a member of the Ward clean her house. After that we got some lunch, and then continued to visit investigators and members for the next 4 hours! She's the best! She
always takes us out and helps us get work done! We visited with Rusty and Sandra Wade. They had some Halloween decorations up so they had us try on their witches hat, it was was too small. They had a playset for their grandkids, the same one Sister Mann and I had when we were young, so naturally we took our turns playing in it and ringing the doorbell! Haha

Football season is coming up again, and oh my goodness, I thought football was bad in Utah, but No, you don't know football until you come to Florida! Just imagine a whole state full of my dad! Sister Mann is from Missouri, and the Gators just played them on Saturday so that's all we heard all week! Haha

This weekend was by far the highlight of the week! We have a lot of investigators that are slowly progressing. We decided we want to find individuals that are ready for this gospel and who are ready to really commit! On Saturday we had a great Golden Hour! We had picked out a street to knock in advance and the first door we knocked on we were able to have a lesson and set a return date! Yay! Miracle! And then the second door we knocked on this guy answered, he looked at us for a second and then started explaining how he lost his Book of Mormon! And that he used to be taught up in Georgia before he moved! He asked us for another book, and we invited him to church, he was currently sick but he said next week he wanted to go! He said out of all the religions the Mormons always made the most sense!! What!! That never
happens!! We are so excited for him! Later that day we dropped by some members to use the bathroom and refill our water bottles! Haha, yeah that happens often. And the members were telling us about a part
member family that had a baptism date in the past and was almost baptized! We got their info and we are going to try them this week! We also have 3 other part member families we are trying to get started
with! The non-member children are active and come to church every week! It's just a matter of finding a time to teach them and prepare them for full membership!! We are so excited! So much good is happening here!

On Sunday our neighbor Priscilla finally came to church! We have been trying for weeks and she always had something pop up and stop her, but this week she was able to come. She is used to the "southern" type
churches around, so our church was going to be a big change for her. She brought her grandson and the whole Sacrament meeting she was observing everything! The speakers that day were really great and she
really liked what they said! We took her grandson to primary and in the hallway he recognized a friend from school and ran off with him! It's good to know he already had a friend! We had Sunday school and
relief society with Priscilla. All the members flocked over her and really made her feel welcome! After church, she told us it was a lot better than she thought it would be! I guess that's a good thing! Haha
her grandson had a lot of fun too! She told us she learned a lot today and that she wants to come back! We are so so excited!! We are meeting with her again this Wednesday!!

This next week is going to be crazy! Since we are the Sister Training Leaders for 2 zones, we have to give a training in both zone meetings! Which are both this week! And if that wasn't busy enough we have 2
trade offs as well! Wow! We are so excited! I'll tell ya how it all goes this next week! I love you all!!!

-Our investigator gave us one of her chickens eggs...And this is what missionary's shoe goes through in 6 months Good thing I have new ones!

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