Monday, September 21, 2015

Doing Good is the best way to share the gospel!

 These last 2 p-days have been very busy, but here is all the updates y'all missed out from! :) 

We have had one powerful week after Another! But this week was probably the best! On Monday we had zone pday and went to Lake City and played ultimate frisbee!! So much fun! We decided to go by Walmart since we don't have one in Lake Butler, AND I ran into my old investigators from Deep Creek! Alex and Joanna! It was amazing to see them again! We ended up having a lesson with them right there in Walmart! Then as if that wasn't enough, we ran into one of my favorite members in the parking lot! Sister Aiello! It was an amazing day! 
Tuesday got even better! We had district meeting and it was all about the spirit! We have some missionaries who are dying this transfer so we made sure to get a last district picture with all of them! We had a quick break for lunch then we meet back for interviews! While president was interviewing us, we had a senior couple and Sister Craig give us trainings! We had trainings about health and fitness, about taking care of our cars and bikes, and also, a training about how to control our stress and keep ourselves improving! At the end of Sister Craig's training she pulled up a picture of me the first day I came to the mission!!! I was shocked about how long ago that was! And how much I have changed since! That was my exact year mark that day and there was no better way to celebrate then to take a look back and see how far I have come! Then I had my interview with president and talked more about some of my "last 6 month goals" we had a great conversation and I got some amazing insights! Then while my companion was in interviews, I got to sit with Sister Craig and talk more with her about our missions! It was wonderful! I love President and Sister Craig so much! 

On Wednesday we had an early morning and headed straight to Brunswick Georgia for district meeting. It was fantastic! We had trainings about how to work with the members more and how to truly help them progress! After the meeting we had lunch with our Brunswick sisters, then had our trade off! I was again with Sister Greear! I love her so much, she is currently training a new missionary and is doing a great job! We had a lot of fun on our trade off, and had a ton of aha moments about missionary work! 
Saturday was another amazing day! We did some service for the Wades, their son has a new shop so we helped them repaint it and get it all ready! Brother Wade doesn't attend church, but he loves the missionaries, we persuaded him to come to stake conference because all us missionaries are singing! And to our surprise! He accepted! In fact we actually drove up with them to save miles! Stake conference was amazing! There was some really great speakers! One of which was a sister missionary who has been home for about 2 weeks. It was really weird to hear her speak, cause it just hit me how fast time will fly by, and how soon that will be me! Ahh! I don't want to go home! After the conference I got to see more of the members I served with from Deep Creek! And after it all, Brother Wade asked if he could have a copy of the notes sister Dixon and I took!! Wow! Miracles! 

On Sunday we drove to Stake conference with Emily and Ethan West, their little brother Dalton is being baptized this Tuesday! After the conference we joined them for lunch and finished our lessons with Dalton! He is so excited! We came home and decided to check our miles. This month we have 2 extra trade offs we have to do, in addition to all the trade offs we have already done... Turns out we have 50 miles for the rest of the month!! That means we will be biking all day everyday!! :) who hoo! We decided to try our neighbor Priscilla and we had an amazing experience with her! Her grandkids are staying with her, and they are all so hyper! We came over and the house was a mess and she was really tired, without asking we just started to help her sweep the floor and fold Laundry! She was so grateful! We brought "Finding Faith in Christ" for her to watch with all her grandkids and she loved it so much! She can feel the spirit with everything we share with her! After the lesson we were about to leave, but she called us back and invited us to have dinner with them. Durning dinner she told us she has seriously been thinking about being baptized!! She told us that no one from other churches would of helped her out like what we did, and if that's what we stand for, that's what she wants to be apart of! She is going to come to Daltons baptism with all her grandkids on Tuesday! It's amazing what a little bit of service can do! Going about doing good is the best way to share the gospel! I love being a missionary!! 

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