Monday, September 7, 2015

The spirit of Elijah is powerful!

Well to start off the week we had a trade off with our sisters in Waycross Geogia! We had district meeting and then I went with Sister Gagnon to Waycross. We had a wonderful time! We tried a potential investigator and ended up having a lesson with him and his whole family! They said they might come to church! Yay! The next morning we had service with some of the members there, then we had to take a survey for the mission! We have Elder Dube from the Quorum of the Seventy coming to tour our mission! So we are preparing for him! 
Sister Dixon and I got drenched!!
We finished the trade off, and the next day we went to help one of our investigators paint their shed! We came all ready in our jeans, but then we ended up just talking and having a lesson! It went very well though! That night we had a miracle! We used to work with the Holder family. The mother isn't too interested in what we have to share but her husband was. We ended up dropping them because they weren't progressing. But we decided to check back up on them! The mom wasn't home, but we sat on the porch and had a great talk with her husband Buddy. He feels like he's not receiving a lot from his current church, and he wants to do better with his family. We talked to him about what this gospel has done for us and our families, and we recommitted him to read the Book of Mormon and come to our church. He accepted! He knows he feels the spirit each time we come by and he wants to truly find out now! We are meeting with him and his family again on Saturday! 
On Friday we had our weekly planning. And then we did some service for the Moods! They are having a huge family gathering and we helped them clean and get all ready for it! Afterwards we had a lesson with them about prayer! And how important it is for us to always have a prayer on our heart and to really share our thoughts with God! That night we went to teach our neighbor. Her daughter and grandkids just moved in with her and we sat them all down and taught them the Ten Commandments! They might start coming to church with Priscilla! 

Then on Saturday we found a new investigator! Her name is Haley and she is in between churches! We met her a few weeks ago and met with her again. We taught the restoration and about the Book of Mormon. Turns out, her grandmother is reading the Book of Mormon too! She told us her grandma reads it all the time, so she was very interested to start reading it as well! After that we went by to sister Dorothy to help her with family history! She hasn't done it for years and all of her records are on floppy disks! That was a challenge! But amazing too! The spirit of Elijah is so powerful! As a Ward all the members are trying to find 900 names to take to the temple and complete their work! So exciting! That night we met back up with the Holder family! We brought Meet the Mormons and decided to have a movie night with them. Buddy loved it! And Kelly his wife even cried at the end! They are slowly making their way to change and accept the gospel! They have heard a lot of anti-information but the movie really helped them see that those aren't true!! It was a fantastic night!! 
           Our investigator has kittens                                                        

Here is just a short chip of our car rides to Georgia and back!

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