Monday, August 10, 2015

Zone Conference

This week has been so great! Busy as always, but great! Last week was super fun with our zone Pday and zone car wash, in preparation for zone conference! Afterwards we got a great start on our goals and found tons of people that we were able to share a lesson with! 

Then on Tuesday we went to do service for David and Bobby. We were going to help them paint, but then found out she has a huge sewing project, so we helped her with that instead! It was great though because we got to answer a lot of her questions about the gospel! Then after that we headed to Kingsland Georgia, where the Kingsland zone was having zone conference. We then headed out with the Waycross sisters for their trade off! I went with Sister Saxton to Waycross and we had so much fun! We had a lesson with her baptism date, and then did some finding. She is an amazing sister! 
Sister Saxton and I
Then on Wednesday we planned to meet in Folkston to trade back. But when we arrived....I had forgotten all my stuff in Waycross!!! It was awful. So we had to follow the sisters back to Waycross....oops. But we finally made it back to Lake Butler and had dinner with Trina Craig, then we headed to the Book of Mormon class, and also spent time with the young women, a non-member the sisters used to teach came to young women's! So we are going to start working with her again! 

Thursday zone conference! We headed down to Gainesville and had car checks. And we won first place! Zone car wash was a success! I got to see my old companion Sister Beaver!  The meeting was incredible! They introduced to us a new lesson plan for members to start missionary work! I am so excited! It's all based from the book "power of an everyday missionary" and it's a step by step plan to help members be comfortable with sharing the gospel! We also had a training on obedience, that the mission gives us authority, but obedience gives us power! 
Sister Beaver and I
President Craig shared an amazing story with us. (Y'all might have heard about it) 
He has a friend who is very active and goes on runs everyday. One morning while he was headed out, he had an impression to bring his sunglasses, he never ran with his glasses but he decided to wear them. While on his run, he came across a bear track. He started singing and making noise to scare it away, and after a while he didn't think much of it. But, a little later, he hears a growl and a bear is charging at him full speed! The bear tackles him and they fall into some bushes. He received lots of bites and gashes from this bear. At one point the bear clawed his face, and because of his sunglasses his eyes were protected! The situation seemed hopeless for survival, so he prayed and asked for gods help. He had another impression to play dead. At first he was trying to figure out if he was already dead, but figured either way he will play dead. Once he did the bear stopped, and was distracted by something in the distance. There was nothing to be seen in the distance but all at once the bear charged off. While trying to get help, he had another impression to take a different trail than he usually used. It lead him to a parking lot where someone was able to call 911 and get the man help. After his long recovery he shares how grateful he was for the spirit. If he hadn't followed those instincts he received, he would not be alive.  He had established such a great communication with God, that even in times of chaos he can still heed to the still small voice. President Craig invited each of us to ponder, if we were in that situation, if we would of been able to listen to the spirit. It's so important for us to study and know how we feel the spirit so we can identify it in times of need!!!

On Friday we had our last trade off for the transfer. We traded off with the Sister Coordinators in Whitehouse. I went with sister Clay to Whitehouse and we had so much fun! It's amazing how many friends you gain on a mission! After we traded back, we went to the church to have volleyball, there was a huge spider in the gym! Gross! We had a great time though! 

Sister Clay and I

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