Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Tuesday we got to go to our own district meeting in Lake Butler. Some of the new missionaries in the area gave trainings, and they were so good! Then we helped relief society set up "swap will you drop" where
everyone brings their old things they don't want anymore and we set up tables where we can go thrift shopping for free! It turned out so good! We had so much stuff, and a lot of people came. We are actually going to teach a lady that came, she meet with missionaries in the past and wants to meet with us Again! Yay!

Then on Wednesday we visited some members who often watch their grandkids. Their youngest granddaughter has not been baptized yet and she was asking us all kinds of questions about baptism! So now we are going to start teaching her the lessons and help her understand! Later that day our investigators daughter came to activity day girls! We joined with them and made bracelets out of bottles, and toothbrushes. She loved it, and loved being with the other girls!

On Thursday we helped our neighbors move into their new home! Ones a less active member and her husband isn't a member. We got to spend time with them and talk about the church, they said once they get
established they're going to come to church, and were gonna make sure they keep their word! We then had a lesson with our other neighbor Priscilla, she has been reading the Book of Mormon and is trying to
find out if it's true! We're going to watch the restoration with her next time! That night we had a lesson scheduled, and Sister Clark was going to come with us, however our appointment cancelled. We decided
to see some other members in the ward but no one was home. It was pretty awkward because we didn't know who to see with sister Clark, she then told us that her neighbor had some questions about the Mormon
church so we decided to drop by and see her! She welcomed us right in and we taught her the restoration! She is usually very cautious of other religious scripture, and yet she was surprised by how much she
wanted to read the Book of Mormon! It was an amazing lesson! We know that all our plans fell through, so that we could be with her tonight!

On Friday we did some service for a member who had to move unexpectedly. Then we had our weekly planning session. Then we were out trying lots of different places, on some dirt roads. Sister Dixon cautioned me not to get stuck in the mud, but I assured her that I wouldn't.... And then I got us stuck in the mud!!! Luckily a guy drove by right then and brought his tractor over to pull us out. So that was embarrassing... Anyway later that night sister Ginger Ward took us out and visited a lot of people! Yay!

Sunday was amazing! 2 of our investigators came to church. We are working with a part-member family and during church a baptism was being announced, and Dalton turned to us, and said he wants to be baptized on his birthday in September! Yay!! Later that night we tried to see an old investigator we used to see, her name is Jeanette and she had her grandson and his friend living with her. We stopped by and got to know them better, we then taught the grandson and his friend the restoration and about the Book of Mormon! Jeanette was in tears the whole time! And we feel that after our lesson today the spirit retold her that what we are sharing is true! Her grandson was pretty quiet, but then out of nowhere he asks us a big question that has been on his mind and we were able to help answer his question and lead him to more information! It was an amazing lesson to end out week with!

Transfers!! Okay we have been stressing all week about transfers because we had no idea what was going to happen! And guess what.... Sister Dixon and I are staying together!!! Yes! That took a lot of worry off our shoulders!! I am so happy to stay in Lake Butler! We have so much progress coming a long! Yay! All is well I love you all!

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