Monday, August 31, 2015

Hurricane Season!

We had a Stellar week!
At the first of the week the mission has been stressing to everyone that it is hurricane season! We had a tropical storm headed our way (don't worry it dispelled..) so the mission taught us what to do and how to prepare for hurricanes! Very interesting... And scary cause we live in a little ole trailer!!! Haha all is well though! 
 To start off we had district meeting in Kingsland Georgia. It was amazing! We studied about how to work better with less active members, and recent converts, and how to keep them strong in the church! Then we had lunch with the Kingsland sisters. After that Sister Gibb headed to Lake Butler with me for our trade off. Sister Gibb is from American Fork, and her father was my elementary school teacher! When we got to Lake Butler we had dinner with the Moods, they are recent converts and are amazing! We challenged them to do member missionary work! Then to end our night! we had a lesson with our investigator who is set on being baptized next month! His name is Dolton and both his siblings are members. He is turning 10 and is so excited to be baptized! It was a great day and sister Gibb and I had so much fun! 

Then on Wednesday we drove to Georgia to trade back companions. We had a lesson with our neighbor Priscilla. She has been reading and enjoying the Book of Mormon. She still has some concerns about coming to our church, but she said the more she reads, the more she wants to join!! That night we had dinner with a member, and her son is friends with a young man we met. He told us that his friend was excited about the things we shared with him and that we should drop by again today... So after dinner that's exactly what we did! His name is Westly and he has just graduated. We introduced the Book of Mormon to him last time, and when we met with him again he opened up to us more! He has had a lot of concerns and doubts about religion and beliefs. But told us last time we came was the first time he has ever felt the spirit!! He knew right away that what we have is important. We read Moroni 10 with him and had a great discussion! He has already been telling his friends that he's looking into the Mormon church! And said when he gets his answer, he'll be baptized! It was amazing! We headed to the church for the Book of Mormon class, but found out that there were 5 non-members with the young women! So we joined with them instead! They all had a great time, and should be coming back soon! 
On Thursday we had another trade off with the sisters in Deep Creek! Sister Jones came with me to Lake Butler! We had a great time getting lost on dirt roads! Luckily we didn't get stuck! ;) after we traded back on Friday we had a few miracles! We met with our new investigator Danny. He had read 14 chapters of the Book of Mormon already! We went over the restoration again with him and he understands it all! We committed him to come to church, and his reply was "you don't need to commit me to come to church, I already committed myself!" Haha yes! It was amazing! We talked about working towards a baptism in September and he told us he would think about it!! Yay! We are so excited for him to come! 
Sister Jones and Sister Knudsen
So every weekend we are holding activities for the youth and families to bring their friends to! This weekend was movie night! We got a projector and screen, couches from the entrance, and popcorn and snacks! It was a sweet set up! And we got a pretty good turn out for the first try. We only had one non-member come, but the youth did invite quiet a few people! We watched  Meet the Mormons and everyone loved it! There was a lot of less actives and recent converts who has never seen it and they all loved it!! It was a great way to end the week!! 

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