Monday, August 31, 2015

Hurricane Season!

We had a Stellar week!
At the first of the week the mission has been stressing to everyone that it is hurricane season! We had a tropical storm headed our way (don't worry it dispelled..) so the mission taught us what to do and how to prepare for hurricanes! Very interesting... And scary cause we live in a little ole trailer!!! Haha all is well though! 
 To start off we had district meeting in Kingsland Georgia. It was amazing! We studied about how to work better with less active members, and recent converts, and how to keep them strong in the church! Then we had lunch with the Kingsland sisters. After that Sister Gibb headed to Lake Butler with me for our trade off. Sister Gibb is from American Fork, and her father was my elementary school teacher! When we got to Lake Butler we had dinner with the Moods, they are recent converts and are amazing! We challenged them to do member missionary work! Then to end our night! we had a lesson with our investigator who is set on being baptized next month! His name is Dolton and both his siblings are members. He is turning 10 and is so excited to be baptized! It was a great day and sister Gibb and I had so much fun! 

Then on Wednesday we drove to Georgia to trade back companions. We had a lesson with our neighbor Priscilla. She has been reading and enjoying the Book of Mormon. She still has some concerns about coming to our church, but she said the more she reads, the more she wants to join!! That night we had dinner with a member, and her son is friends with a young man we met. He told us that his friend was excited about the things we shared with him and that we should drop by again today... So after dinner that's exactly what we did! His name is Westly and he has just graduated. We introduced the Book of Mormon to him last time, and when we met with him again he opened up to us more! He has had a lot of concerns and doubts about religion and beliefs. But told us last time we came was the first time he has ever felt the spirit!! He knew right away that what we have is important. We read Moroni 10 with him and had a great discussion! He has already been telling his friends that he's looking into the Mormon church! And said when he gets his answer, he'll be baptized! It was amazing! We headed to the church for the Book of Mormon class, but found out that there were 5 non-members with the young women! So we joined with them instead! They all had a great time, and should be coming back soon! 
On Thursday we had another trade off with the sisters in Deep Creek! Sister Jones came with me to Lake Butler! We had a great time getting lost on dirt roads! Luckily we didn't get stuck! ;) after we traded back on Friday we had a few miracles! We met with our new investigator Danny. He had read 14 chapters of the Book of Mormon already! We went over the restoration again with him and he understands it all! We committed him to come to church, and his reply was "you don't need to commit me to come to church, I already committed myself!" Haha yes! It was amazing! We talked about working towards a baptism in September and he told us he would think about it!! Yay! We are so excited for him to come! 
Sister Jones and Sister Knudsen
So every weekend we are holding activities for the youth and families to bring their friends to! This weekend was movie night! We got a projector and screen, couches from the entrance, and popcorn and snacks! It was a sweet set up! And we got a pretty good turn out for the first try. We only had one non-member come, but the youth did invite quiet a few people! We watched  Meet the Mormons and everyone loved it! There was a lot of less actives and recent converts who has never seen it and they all loved it!! It was a great way to end the week!! 

Monday, August 24, 2015

You got mail!

 On Wednesday we did some service at the school. We offered help with new teachers setting up and decorating their classrooms! They had a luncheon the same day, and the staff invited us  to grab some food, they also gave us goodie bags with markers and flash drives in them! Such a blessing!! Later we had a lesson with Dolton West our baptism date! Both his siblings are members and he told us he wants to be baptized on his birthday next month! So we are helping him prepare! We taught the plan of salvation and had him draw it out with us! It went very well and he is excited to start engaging more in the gospel! 
On Friday we had a lesson with our neighbor Priscilla Cook. She has investigated the church before, and is taking a second go at learning! After our lesson we mentioned to her that we had to get going cause the elders had a baptism that night, she got really excited and wanted to come! She didn't have a car, but we were able to find her a ride within 10 minutes so she could come! It was amazing. So many non-members were there and a lot of the family is going to start meeting with missionaries! Priscilla loved it and said she felt a very special spirit! So we hope she will continue to find her answer! 
District P-Day
On Saturday we had a miracle! We had previously planned a street that we were going to knock on. But when we got there we had no prompting to knock it. We drived around to the neighboring streets to see if there was something there to do, but once again nothing really seemed to call our attention. We tried a few houses, including some less actives but no one answered. We felt that we were supposed to be there for a reason, but couldn't figure it out. We were getting pretty frustrated, and decided we would just knock on the next house we saw! We went to the next house and a man was outside so we introduced ourself and started talking with him. He was telling us that he's already been saved, and already knew who Christ was. He then looked at our name tag and asked what church we were from. We told him, and then he got very interested and told us he has always been very curious about our church! And always wanted to know more and attend our service! We gave him a restoration pamphlet and a Book of Mormon, and he even asked if we had anything else he could read through! We are going back on Tuesday to teach him a full lesson! Miracle! I've learned God will really test our faith!  We were getting ready to give up, but it's our effort and desperation that lead to those last minute miracles!! 

It has been a great week and I am so happy that I get to stay in Lake Butler for another transfer!! I love you all! Keep on keeping on! 
And guess how many banana spiders are in this picture! 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Tuesday we got to go to our own district meeting in Lake Butler. Some of the new missionaries in the area gave trainings, and they were so good! Then we helped relief society set up "swap will you drop" where
everyone brings their old things they don't want anymore and we set up tables where we can go thrift shopping for free! It turned out so good! We had so much stuff, and a lot of people came. We are actually going to teach a lady that came, she meet with missionaries in the past and wants to meet with us Again! Yay!

Then on Wednesday we visited some members who often watch their grandkids. Their youngest granddaughter has not been baptized yet and she was asking us all kinds of questions about baptism! So now we are going to start teaching her the lessons and help her understand! Later that day our investigators daughter came to activity day girls! We joined with them and made bracelets out of bottles, and toothbrushes. She loved it, and loved being with the other girls!

On Thursday we helped our neighbors move into their new home! Ones a less active member and her husband isn't a member. We got to spend time with them and talk about the church, they said once they get
established they're going to come to church, and were gonna make sure they keep their word! We then had a lesson with our other neighbor Priscilla, she has been reading the Book of Mormon and is trying to
find out if it's true! We're going to watch the restoration with her next time! That night we had a lesson scheduled, and Sister Clark was going to come with us, however our appointment cancelled. We decided
to see some other members in the ward but no one was home. It was pretty awkward because we didn't know who to see with sister Clark, she then told us that her neighbor had some questions about the Mormon
church so we decided to drop by and see her! She welcomed us right in and we taught her the restoration! She is usually very cautious of other religious scripture, and yet she was surprised by how much she
wanted to read the Book of Mormon! It was an amazing lesson! We know that all our plans fell through, so that we could be with her tonight!

On Friday we did some service for a member who had to move unexpectedly. Then we had our weekly planning session. Then we were out trying lots of different places, on some dirt roads. Sister Dixon cautioned me not to get stuck in the mud, but I assured her that I wouldn't.... And then I got us stuck in the mud!!! Luckily a guy drove by right then and brought his tractor over to pull us out. So that was embarrassing... Anyway later that night sister Ginger Ward took us out and visited a lot of people! Yay!

Sunday was amazing! 2 of our investigators came to church. We are working with a part-member family and during church a baptism was being announced, and Dalton turned to us, and said he wants to be baptized on his birthday in September! Yay!! Later that night we tried to see an old investigator we used to see, her name is Jeanette and she had her grandson and his friend living with her. We stopped by and got to know them better, we then taught the grandson and his friend the restoration and about the Book of Mormon! Jeanette was in tears the whole time! And we feel that after our lesson today the spirit retold her that what we are sharing is true! Her grandson was pretty quiet, but then out of nowhere he asks us a big question that has been on his mind and we were able to help answer his question and lead him to more information! It was an amazing lesson to end out week with!

Transfers!! Okay we have been stressing all week about transfers because we had no idea what was going to happen! And guess what.... Sister Dixon and I are staying together!!! Yes! That took a lot of worry off our shoulders!! I am so happy to stay in Lake Butler! We have so much progress coming a long! Yay! All is well I love you all!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Zone Conference

This week has been so great! Busy as always, but great! Last week was super fun with our zone Pday and zone car wash, in preparation for zone conference! Afterwards we got a great start on our goals and found tons of people that we were able to share a lesson with! 

Then on Tuesday we went to do service for David and Bobby. We were going to help them paint, but then found out she has a huge sewing project, so we helped her with that instead! It was great though because we got to answer a lot of her questions about the gospel! Then after that we headed to Kingsland Georgia, where the Kingsland zone was having zone conference. We then headed out with the Waycross sisters for their trade off! I went with Sister Saxton to Waycross and we had so much fun! We had a lesson with her baptism date, and then did some finding. She is an amazing sister! 
Sister Saxton and I
Then on Wednesday we planned to meet in Folkston to trade back. But when we arrived....I had forgotten all my stuff in Waycross!!! It was awful. So we had to follow the sisters back to Waycross....oops. But we finally made it back to Lake Butler and had dinner with Trina Craig, then we headed to the Book of Mormon class, and also spent time with the young women, a non-member the sisters used to teach came to young women's! So we are going to start working with her again! 

Thursday zone conference! We headed down to Gainesville and had car checks. And we won first place! Zone car wash was a success! I got to see my old companion Sister Beaver!  The meeting was incredible! They introduced to us a new lesson plan for members to start missionary work! I am so excited! It's all based from the book "power of an everyday missionary" and it's a step by step plan to help members be comfortable with sharing the gospel! We also had a training on obedience, that the mission gives us authority, but obedience gives us power! 
Sister Beaver and I
President Craig shared an amazing story with us. (Y'all might have heard about it) 
He has a friend who is very active and goes on runs everyday. One morning while he was headed out, he had an impression to bring his sunglasses, he never ran with his glasses but he decided to wear them. While on his run, he came across a bear track. He started singing and making noise to scare it away, and after a while he didn't think much of it. But, a little later, he hears a growl and a bear is charging at him full speed! The bear tackles him and they fall into some bushes. He received lots of bites and gashes from this bear. At one point the bear clawed his face, and because of his sunglasses his eyes were protected! The situation seemed hopeless for survival, so he prayed and asked for gods help. He had another impression to play dead. At first he was trying to figure out if he was already dead, but figured either way he will play dead. Once he did the bear stopped, and was distracted by something in the distance. There was nothing to be seen in the distance but all at once the bear charged off. While trying to get help, he had another impression to take a different trail than he usually used. It lead him to a parking lot where someone was able to call 911 and get the man help. After his long recovery he shares how grateful he was for the spirit. If he hadn't followed those instincts he received, he would not be alive.  He had established such a great communication with God, that even in times of chaos he can still heed to the still small voice. President Craig invited each of us to ponder, if we were in that situation, if we would of been able to listen to the spirit. It's so important for us to study and know how we feel the spirit so we can identify it in times of need!!!

On Friday we had our last trade off for the transfer. We traded off with the Sister Coordinators in Whitehouse. I went with sister Clay to Whitehouse and we had so much fun! It's amazing how many friends you gain on a mission! After we traded back, we went to the church to have volleyball, there was a huge spider in the gym! Gross! We had a great time though! 

Sister Clay and I

Monday, August 3, 2015

Here come August!

So today for p-day we had a zone car wash in preparation for zone meeting this week! we played capture the title of liberty! (Capture the flag) it's so much fun but it takes time so my email will be really short this week! I love you all though!!!

 Okay so this week we went to the district meeting in lake city. I love being back in my old district everyone is amazing! After the meeting we found a lot of new investigators! We decided this would be our mighty week! We were going to exceed all of our goals! And we sure did! Yes!!

This Wednesday was MLC with all the zone leaders, sister training leaders, and district leaders! It was amazing! It was all focused on our leadership responsibilities and how to be a better example. It was
exactly what I needed! After the meeting we went on a trade off with the Macclenny sisters! I got to be with Sister Miller! We had so much fun! And saw lots of miracles!
Sister Miller and I
Then on Friday we had another trade off with the Deep Creek sisters. I once again got to go back to Deep Creek yay! Sister Fauver is amazing! They are having so much progress there it is amazing!

Sister Fauver and I
It has seriously been such a powerful week! Even with 2 trade offs we achieved the highest numbers yet! We have so many people that are progressing and we were able to set a baptism date for Leslie! Yay!!!
Cute puppies say it all!

This week is going to be soo great! We have another trade off in Waycross Georgia and zone conference! As well as one more trade off with the whitehouse sisters! Yay! Busy busy!