Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Christmas in July?

Okay first off all, it is getting so hot here! We're in the high 90's everyday with over 60% humidity!  When you walk outside, you walk into a wall of water! If you don't believe me, here's a picture of what happened to the fans out here! Haha!

This week have been so wonderful! It's a new transfer and a new week and we started it off really well! Brooke Starling came on a mini-mission with us!!! She's been a member for about a year, and is currently working on her mission papers!! We picked her up Tuesday night and went to some lessons! She is a natural at missionary work!  We found a new investigator who agreed to be baptized! It was really great to have Brooke with us, She has such a strong testimony from when we found the truth! We wanted to keep her with us all week!

We also had our zone meeting for Lake City! Almost every companionship was affected by transfers so we basically have a whole new zone! Our focus for the zone is to adjust and grow! Whenever transfers happen
there's a new sense of obedience and hard work! We are working hard to motivate every companionship to improve themselves! After zone meeting we all got gift bags that the members made for us! Every Ward in our mission did a donation for the missionaries! It was such a blessing! They gave us food, notebooks, personal items, and candy! It totally made our day! Before we left we got a picture with our Zone! Yup. This
picture explains everything.

This week we have really been working on finding! We got a few new investigators that we are really excited about! We had an investigator that we lost contact with for 6 weeks! We ran into him again finally and he it still interested in learning and coming to church! Yes! We have a lot of people we are working with, but they have a lot of things in the way of them being baptized that they are working through. They all are growing so much though! It's been amazing to see these individuals drop everything and focus on the lord!

This week is going to be even busier! We have a zone meeting for the Kingsland Georgia zone! Which means we're starting all the road trips from lake butler to Georgia again! Woo! We have our first trade off
for the transfer, and Pioneer Day this weekend at the Oldest chapel in Florida!!

So remember how I told you we live by a peacock farm? They come by our house all the time! It's so fun!! One came on our porch!

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