Monday, July 27, 2015

Car rides, twisted ankles and lessons learned!

Ready set go

Okay after p-day we had dinner with the Sharrah family. I love them so much! She has 2 girls and a boy and they love missionaries! We have been getting them excited about sharing the gospel and gave them Mormon words that they have to use with their friends! They were so excited!

Tuesday we spent a good 5 hours in the car!! We drove to Waycross Georgia for district meeting, and then drove to Brunswick for our trade off. Then we drove back to Lake Butler! Haha it's been a crazy week but so much fun! Our first trade off I was with Sister Hudson! She was recently Sister Paskos companion so that was fun. We headed back to Lake butler and got caught in a horrible rain storm!!! We couldn't even see the lines on the road! The Lightning was so loud it sounded like we were being shot at! Ah! We made it through though so it was okay!

Sister Hudson and I

Then on Wednesday we had another 4 hour car ride to Brunswick again for the Brunswick district meeting and our second trade off! And guess what! My trade off was with my old companion Sister Snelgrove! Who actually served in Lake Butler before! So it was really fun for her to be back! We had a great time catching up and being companions again!  That night we had the scripture class and a member brought her granddaughter to young womens so we went with her and introduced her to the young women.   She loved her time there and wants to come back!  Yay!

Sister Snelgrove and I

Then on Thursday, was a car fast day for Kingsland zone. So the whole zone dedicated that day to biking and street contacting it was hard to work it all out but we were excited about it. We biked to the library
and helped out with a program they had going on!  While on our bikes we ran into some less active members so that was a miracle!  We biked back home, and then consequently had to use our car to trade back with our Brunswick sisters. But when we got there we found out that they had a bad bike day. Sister Dixon fell and sprained her ankle! I think I'm bad luck cause this is my second companion with a
twisted ankle! We got her some ice and a brace, and we had to spend the rest of the night inside so that she could rest it. :( we got it checked out and it's nothing serious so that's good! We got a blessing
too just in case! Hurray for bike day!

Sister Dixon with twisted ankle.

The next day we had weekly planning, which was good cause sister Dixon could elevate her foot for awhile! After that we had dinner with some recent converts the Moods. They are incredible! She is giving her first talk this Sunday and is so excited! After them we visited with a member that just moved into the Ward! Her name is Evelyn and she is amazing! She used to be in the Lake Butler Ward so everyone is super happy that she's back in the area! We had a great lesson with her and are helping her move in this week!

On Saturday we went with one of the librarian staffs and helped out at the Lake Butler museum! It was a lot of fun and very interesting to see all of the history here, they have a section about the churches in the county and there is even history about the LDS church! It was pretty slow but we loved to help out in the community! Later that day we met with Leslie again! She is so solid!! She has made so many
changes already that are bringing her closer to God! It's been beautiful to see! She and her daughter will be at church tomorrow and we are so excited! That night we had a huge turn out for volleyball!  One of our members had his friend and their family come! We also had a young man named Brandon come! They will probably be back next week as well!

 Sunday was great! We had Leslie and Cali come and they enjoyed every hour of it! They are praying about a date to be baptized on! Yay! After church we had dinner with the McLaughlin family. She has some
autistic kids and they are so sweet! We had a wonderful time being with them. They braided our hair and were being missionaries with our name tags!

We got to attend 2 district meetings this week and I am so amazed at everything I've been able to learn! I wanted to share a story Elders Sunderland shared in our meeting. Before his mission Elder Sunderland and his friend wanted to go horseback riding. They had an Arabian horse and a Mare. They saddled up the Mare and it didn't fight or resist at all. They then tried to saddle up the Arabian horse and it resisted and fought and pushed back, they had a hard time with it but then finally got it saddled up and ready to go. Elder Sunderland was excited to ride the Mare since it was so easy to work with, he didn't want to worry about the other
horse causing trouble. However, once they started their journey, the Mare was tired and unmotivated. He had to keep pushing her along and trying to get her engaged on the trail and the journey. The whole time the Mare wanted to return home. The Arabian horse on the other hand was excited and very eager for the journey! Sure it was hard to get it ready but once they headed out the Arabian horse enjoyed itself and
wanted to keep going!

With the gospel/missionary work,  are we the Mare or the Arabian horse?  Do we rely on others to keep us moving, or do we live the gospel because we love it! We all have trials, the master had to really work with the Arabian horse to get it to listen, but once the horse accepted it enjoyed itself and loved the work! It's the same with Christ! We may not want to listen or obey, but once we do we are happier than we could ever expect! The lord knows what's best for us and will try to get us there if we let him! I have seen Christ change
me and change my desires! Missionary work can be hard and at times UN-motivating. But if we keep letting Christ work with us he can help us love the work and keep going! I truly love being a missionary! I
can't imagine my life without the experiences I have gained from my mission! I love this gospel so much! And I love all of you! I hope you enjoyed the story!!

This is what happens when you are driving in a car for many hours:

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