Monday, June 15, 2015

Watermelon beats Florida's heat!

Pday was super fun! We played kickball and our mission president and wife joined us! It was really fun to have them out in the field with us!!! Monday night we had our Ward mission leader and wife take us out to a lesson with the holder family. By far this has been the greatest lesson ever taught! So when we first get there, the holder family is ready to come at us with lots and lots of anti-material they found online!!! They start throwing out all these lies and rumors, so we all just sit there listening to them. We warned them that the Internet has a lot of false info and gave them the church website. We then reassured them that all their questions about our church they can ask God! They both were silent... So, we went a head and taught the gospel of Jesus Christ! They both listened really intently! Every now and then they would argue about a principle, but as we kept teaching they stopped and started asking sincere questions! By the end of the lesson they both committed to baptism and to come to church!!!! The spirit was so strong you could see that their beliefs was changing and they were agreeing with our gospel!!! Yes!!!!
Zone meeting in Kingsland Georgia! We had to wake up early to drive the 2 hours to the church! It was a long drive but it was amazing! I gave another training to the zone about keeping commitments! And we got a zone picture with all of us! After the meeting all of us sisters went out for lunch together! After lunch was our first trade off of three! Sister Egbert came to Lake Butler with me for the day! We had a nice 2 hr. Drive to get to know each other! Then we did surprise service for a member! Then had dinner with a less active that is starting to read the Book of Mormon again! Woo! It was so nice to be with Sister Egbert! She served in my same last area in Deep Creek! She is an incredible missionary and is getting ready to return home, she has done great work here! 
Once again we had a 2 hour drive to Georgia, where we dropped off sister Egbert and picked up the Brunswick sisters! I stayed in Georgia with sister Greer! She has been out for 6 months and is so bubbly! We used to be in the same zone in St. John's. We had a wonderful day contacting lots of different people and that night we even taught the Book of Mormon class! Our investigators came as well so that was amazing! We had a lot of fun together, she is currently serving with my MTC companion sister Taylor! 

Luckily we didn't have a 2 hour drive this day! Haha anyway we switched back from sister Greear and my next trade off was...(drum roll please) my trainer Sister Pasko!! Who would of guessed that I'd be my trainers sister training leader! It was so much fun! We talked a lot about the good ole times in Ocala when I was in training! She came to Lake Butler with me for the day. We tried to find some potential investigators and less active members... We got lost on dirt roads every so often but we were able to find some new investigators! We had dinner with Sister Wiggins and Sister Sharon. They are 2 peas in a pod! It was so fun to be with them, they served us up a big helping of watermelon! It was a wonderful night!! 
We had our last drive to Brunswick on the way out we took some pics at Lake Butlers famous blue wall! Haha we had a fun ride back to Brunswick! Finally sister Dixon and I was reunited! We had a lot to catch up on especially with weekly planning! Haha we had a huge miracle! We went to visit the Holder family and make sure they are still set to come to church, only their son was home and he told us that he KNOWS THE BOOK OF MORMON IS TRUE! We gave him it 2 weeks ago and he's already in Ether! He has read it every single night!! We were amazed! We invited him to church and taught him the gospel of Jesus Christ! He said his whole family in planning on coming to church this week! 
So many miracles today! We had a random call from our investigator Leslie, and she wanted a tour of the church! We met with her and she brought her daughter we walked around the chapel and showed her the classrooms and talked about the different callings in the church. We brought them to the baptismal font and talked about baptism and the priesthood. Right away she asked if she can be baptized! We invited her to pray about a date that she can be ready by! Her and her daughter loved the church and said they will be coming tomorrow! That night we were able to be with a less  active who is going through a hard time! We gave her the relief society declaration to read through, it's beautiful! Every Saturday night we have volleyball at the church and 2 of our investigators came! It was such a great turn out!!

Okay biggest miracle of all time.... WE HAD 11 INVESTIGATORS AT CHURCH!!!!! 11!! We couldn't believe it! The Holder family came! Leslie brought all of her kids, and 2 of our part member families came! It was spectacular!!! The holders asked a few questions throughout the meeting but they had to leave early so we don't know what they thought about it! We think they thought the songs were boring....haha Leslie however loved it!!!! They stayed all 3 hours and in each class Leslie had full attention on the teacher and what was being taught! We are meeting with her later this week to see how her prayer about baptism went!! So exciting!!
Well this week has been so crazy and so great! This week things will calm down a bit more which is great, exciting news though!!!! I go to the temple this week!!!! I am so excited! I've officially hit my half way mark!!! It has gone by so fast! :( I can't believe it's already summer, it's getting really really hot here! It's been in the high 90s this whole week with a humidity index of 105!!! I'm going to die!!! Anyway I love you all! 

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