Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Strolling down Alma Avenue!

The weeks are getting shorter and busier!!!
This week was my first trade off! It was with my sister training leaders Sister Sanberg and sister McCook! After pday I went to White House with Sister Sanberg it was so much fun! During the day we made a plan of salvation chart out of chalk and talked to everyone on the street about it! It ended up raining that day :( but it was great while it lasted! Sister Sanberg is amazing! She trained me more on being a leader and helping the other sisters! I found some new goals I want to work on, charity, and helping others keep their commitments! 
Which was a miracle because at MLC (missionary leadership council) our whole meeting was about charity and helping people keep their commitments and resolve their concerns! Wow! God really answers prayers! MLC was amazing! It was so great to be with all the leaders of the mission and receive that counsel to help our missionaries! 

Zone meeting!
So at zone meetings the zone leaders and sister training leaders take what we learned from MLC and reteach it to our zones! We had a solid hour to prepare for our trainings! Haha lets just say I'm grateful that the spirit lead our trainings! It turned out very well though! All the sisters in Lake City zone had a musical number, we sang holding hands around the world! It was beautiful! There was testimonies and 4 trainings, I was really nervous to give my first training, especially because I had to demonstrate a role play! But it turned out very well! :) I love being a STL! 

After zone meeting we had tons of miracles! We met with a potential named Glendy. She thinks a lot of churches are corrupted and just sticks with her bible. We taught the restoration and when we got to the first vision she got really excited and asked all kinds of questions! We weren't able to finish the lesson but we gave her a Book of Mormon and gave her our number! Not even an hour later she texted us and thanked us for everything we shared!!! That night we had a member take us with them to a few investigators, we met with the Holder family again. They had read a little of the Book of Mormon but had some big concerns about it. We were able to help them understand that they need to ask God to find the truth! We recommitted them to read, and pray, and to come to church, they said they would keep reading and praying, but that they weren't sure about church, so we suggested a church swap! We would come to their church, and next week they can come to ours! They accepted! 
This weekend was my first trade off! It was so great!!! I got to go with sister Gilman back to my old area in Deep Creek! I got to see some of the members and investigators that I used to work with! It was wonderful to be back in my old area. We met a lot of new people as well! Turns out there's a street named Alma! So of course we had to knock on doors on that street! There was lots and lots of people in the streets listening to loud music! Sister Gillman wasn't even phased by it, she ran up to the group and told them she had a message from God for them! We quickly found those that were interested in listening! We talked to this lady a lot about baptism and gave her a Book of Mormon! We saw so many miracles in this trade off! We had a investigator who forgot about our lesson, but we ended up teaching their neighbor! It worked out perfectly! He even committed to be baptized! Yes! 

Trade offs are amazing but it's always nice to be back in your own area again! Sister Dixon and I have been trying to get our investigators at church! For fast Sunday we fasted that we could get some investigators at church! Brothers and Sisters--God answers prayers! We had 2 old investigators randomly show up yesterday! It was a miracle! We were so excited they came! We were sad to leave for the 3rd hour of church, but we had a great time with the holder family at their church! They go to a little nondenominational church on the side of the road. It was....interesting.

 The whole first hour of church was them singing country style hymns. It consisted of 3 women and a guy on guitar. Everyone claps along and will randomly shout out "Praise God" "Thank you Jesus" "Hallelujah" the singers would tell joke in between the songs and gets everyone laughing! They also took song requests so people would just shout out what they wanted to hear! It was very different. After all the singing the preacher stood up and gave a Sermon... He read a few chapters from the bible, said a prayer, and then went on for the next hour talking about how the lord molds us like clay, that we all can be changed into our full potential. It wasn't too bad except for the fact that he was yelling his sermon into the microphone like a sports announcer! There was multiple times in his talk, he got really intense and would start shaking and yelling into the microphone, and everyone would scream and stand up and yell out "Amen" "Hallelujah" "Praise God" new experience for sure! Haha

We are excited for the holder family to come to our church next week! This week is going to be busy! I have another zone meeting in the Georgia zone, I have to give another training! Then...we have 3 trade offs in this one week!! Woo!!! I love being a missionary!!! :) :) 

Also I found my first cockroach in our house!! Ew!

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