Monday, June 1, 2015

Sister Knudsen in Lake Butler!

Wow wow wow so much to update!!! I don't even know where to start!!

Okay so first off Lake Butler! It's amazing here! We live in a trailer! And my last trade off was here so I have met a couple of the members already! Everyone is having the hardest time pronouncing my name! A lot of them say sister KuNUTEsen or they just call me sister K. Hahaha it's so funny! Lake Butler is very country! Everyone has thick southern accents and there is maybe 3 stores here! We live by a peacock farm! I don't know what the purpose of peacock farms is but there's peacocks everywhere! Haha

My companion sister Dixon is amazing! She made me chocolate cake today! We went to Elementary and Jr. High together growing up so we already knew each other when we got assigned! It's so fun though! We
know a lot of the same people from home! Being a sister training leader has been very busy! There is usually a sister training leader for each zone, but this transfer we are the training leaders for 2 zones! We have 13 sisters that we cover, and it keeps us busy! Every transfer we do a "trade off" with each companionship, which just means we switch companions for a day. And work together and help the sister out with anything they need!  Because we have so many sister, we have 9 trade offs to go on this month! I am so happy though because my last area is in my zone! So I can go on a trade off and see my old area!
Also, turns out my trainer Sister Pasko is now in our zone! I get to go on trade offs with my trainer!!! So exciting!  My first trade off is tonight! So we'll see how it goes! :)

This has been a very busy couple of days. First of all, when I got into the area, they had 7 miles left on the we have been biking straight for the last 4 days! It's has been great though we have been talking to everyone on our bikes and have gotten lots of return appointments! Lake Butler is so perfect for missionary work! Everyone is so friendly and takes us in as their daughters! Especially the members!! Even if people aren't interested in our church, they are so nice to us and talk a lot about the gospel with us!

I can't believe I have hit my halfway mark! Time has truly been flying by! I have learned so much about the gospel and from the examples that the members are! I truly love being a missionary and I especially love
being a sister training leader! I am so excited for all the experiences I have and for the chance I have to go to the temple this month! The gospel is truly amazing and my testimony grows every time I share it! I'm so excited for my first trade off today, and this weekend I get to go on a trade off to my old area deep creek! :)

I love you all so much!!!

From my personal letter from Kelsey: 
 Haha I didn't think yall would like my brown hair!!! Hahaha but it has been fun to try new things, especially on the mission. A lot of sisters experiment with their hair, I promise I will not get too crazy with it though! And I will be blonde before I come home!! :) it's starting to get long again!

Well I am so excited for all the changes that have been happening!  Jordan's heading to college, your going back to school! Where will you take classes at? Are you going to be a photographer? 

I am doing fantastic!!!!!! I have never been happier, more spiritual, or more busy!!! Being a sister training leader is very very hard, but so much fun! And yes it's kind of like a district leader, we switch companions with other missionaries for 24 hours and train them and make sure they are doing good and see if there is anything they need, spiritually, emotionally, missionary wise, everything! We also report the sisters to the zone leaders, and have lots of meetings and phone conferences! It's very busy! This transfer especially is very very crazy! There is 1 set of sister training leaders for each zone, however they are having us cover 2 zones!!! We have 5 sisters in the lake city zone, and 8 in the Kingsland/Georgia zone!!! So... We have 13 sister that we have to take care of! It's insane! So since this is new sister Dixons and I are figuring it all out together! We have to go on 9 trade offs and we had to recalculate all of our miles cause now we have to drive to Brunswick Georgia! So lots of crazy stuff! But it's fantastic!!!

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