Monday, June 29, 2015

Can't believe June is over!

Days are weeks and weeks are days! We are all done with our trade offs so that should slow things down a bit! Except we have MLC and transfers coming up, yikes! Sister Dixon and I hope we stay, guess we'll find out on Tuesday!

This week we had a wonderful lesson with Sarah and Dalton West. Two of the kids are members of the church and now their mother is starting to learn and investigate. We went to the Roberts home and had dinner and then family home evening and talked about the plan of salvation. Her kids have the brightest testimonies and Sarah agreed to be baptized!!

Tuesday we drove up to Lake City for district meeting. It was weird to be back in my old district but it was so fun! We gave a training on being obedient and finding more rules to follow! Afterwards we went to lunch with the sisters! I miss Lake City!

Then we did service for Christ Central. We helped unpack and organize food for a food drive that feeds over 400 families! There was so many boxes and things to go through! Everyone here is so accepting of us
missionaries. The whole time we were there people were asking us about our missionary service!

That night we met with the Holder family again. Jimmy and James actually read the Book of Mormon together! We talked more about the scriptures and church. They still have a few concerns and
misunderstandings but they feel the spirit each time we come! :)

One of the members here spoiled us and bought us cake and groceries!

Wednesday was interviews!! We headed up to Starke and got ready for our meeting. Sister Winter, the mission nurse, gave a whole presentation about bugs and rashes! Including lots of pictures of bug bites yuk! Then her husband Elder Winter gave a training about our cars and how to better use and take care of them! That one included treats! :) yum! Afterwards Sister Craig gave an amazing training about how we missionaries can do a lot of good, or a lot of bad with our actions. We also talked about what we want "to be" we read through a conference talk in 2011 called, What Manner of Men and Women Ought Ye
to Be? It was so good! There's a lot of things we can do, but that only changes our behavior. Becoming who we want to be, changes our nature! We all wrote down a vision for ourselves of who we want to be!
Interviews were really great, President Craig taught me a lot about what he expects from a sister training leader, and how I can be an extension of his arm!
This huge spider is no big deal here in Florida...

After the meeting we went to lunch with the Macclenny Sisters! After lunch we had district meeting! The transfer is almost over but it was my first time being in our own district! Haha So after the meeting Sister Merchant came with me to Lake Butler! We got in some jeans and did some service for Sister Jenny! She's getting ready to move so we packed lots of boxes. Sister Merchant has been in the Manti pageant and she knew someone sister Jenny did so they got a long very well!  After service we went to bishops for dinner. There is a couple that the missionaries used to teach and they came to dinner as well! They aren't ready to join the church just yet, but they know it is true! :) It was great to be with them and they are going to start attending church!

Then we had the Book of Mormon class! The members here are such great supporters we always have a big group! Our recent convert Olivia is back in town so it was greats see her! The next morning we did even more service! The local library has weekly events for the kids. We went and helped them with their
activity and got to meet a lot of people! A lot of members brought their kids so it was so fun to see all of them! We drove back to Macclenny to trade back. Funny story though, Sister Dixon left her I Pad! Haha so these next few days we get to share! Haha

The one bad part about Florida is there is a lot of pollen here... Therefore I have allergies! This week they have been really bad, and I felt like I have the flu! The mission nurse had me go to the doctors,
which was back up in Lake City, to make sure I didn't have a sinus
infection! Luckily I didn't! But she gave me lots of over the counter
medicine to use! It was really neat because she is a member so when
she saw us she was really excited! :)

Other than all the meetings and getting "almost sick" the week was
really great! We are all done with our trade offs for this transfer so
that's a blessing! This week we have MLC and transfers is next week so
my pday will be on Tuesday instead!

I love you all so much have a great week!!!

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