Monday, May 18, 2015

Mighty Miracle May!

Hey everyone! Today has been busy, our sister training leaders drove
up to spend pday with us! So we spent time with them because there is
no other sisters in our area! I don't have a lot of time or pictures
but here are the highlights  of the week!

Okay so first off we had zone conference. It was a different set up this time and it turned out to be very powerful! We only met together with 1 zone so it was a smaller group with more one on one time! We
did lots of role plays with our lessons really focused on inspired questions. We also practiced on how to work with the ward with our missionary work! It was very much needed.

Then Alex and Jonna came to Wednesday words! It was wonderful! They were really nervous at first but they got a long with everyone really fast. They asked great questions and learned a lot! It was amazing!
They then promised us they would come to church on Sunday! And they kept their promise! Yes! They loved church, I think it was very overwhelming for them because they are not used to a lot of friendly
people. But they enjoyed the classes!

This week we also achieved our high goal of 8 progressing investigators! Sunday came and we only had 7 progressing investigators. We tried some old potentials we had to see if they were still interested. We felt prompted to visit a dropped investigator that was not progressing. He saw us drive up and immediately ran out to us telling us that he read the Book of Mormon! We had met with him several times and he has never kept a commitment. We were so surprised. He also had a roommate that read the Book of Mormon as
well. We had a lessons with the both of them and they both committed to come to the scripture class this week! Miracles!

I love you all!! Sorry no pictures from this week!
-also I finally ate gator!!!

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