Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Big News!

 So first off review of miracles this week:    We were serving at the catholic charities again, and some of the
people that serve there are the parents of some members in the ward!  We started talking to them while working and they have had negative experiences with past missionaries, but after working together with
them for a little bit, they invited us to dinner! They haven't had missionaries in their home for a long time so that was a miracle to see that the doors are open again! Service really does pay off!

So this week we followed up with Alex and Joanna about church. It was really different for them and they had an uncomfortable time in gospel topics class. After talking with them about it we invited them to join the other class next time they come, they gladly accepted that offer! They like a lot of aspects about our church but they were overwhelmed with everyone saying hi! Haha they love that we don't have a donation box that gets passed around the room. We commit them to read 3 nephi 11 and to come to church with a question!


Also we have been teaching an investigator online. She used to come to church very regularly, but she got into a car accident and needed surgery. We were able to meet with her and her husband last night since over 3 months! They both kept reading the Book of Mormon and we were able to set a baptism date with the both of them for June 20!!! That was a miracle!

So despite all our miracles and progress here, they are white washing the area! :( both sister Francom and I are being transferred out and new missionaries will take our place! At least we have a lot of investigators ready for them to continued teaching! As for transfers...drum roll please...... I got called as a Sister Training
Leader in Lake Butler!!!! I am so excited! I will be serving with sister Kaylee Dixon, she's from Highland Utah and I attended elementary with her! She is amazing! I am so sad to leave deep creek, but at least I can go back and visit!

This week has been very eventful! Lots of miracles and fun! Sister
Francom made us pancakes but she decided to throw eggs at me first!
Also... I dyed my hair brown!

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