Monday, April 27, 2015

Last Weeks Report!

Last Monday was very busy but here is last weeks report! Enjoy.
Last pday was zone pday! Our zone here is huge! It was a lot of fun, a member took us out to lunch and then she came and played volleyball with us!

We started doing service at a local charity. It's actually a catholic charity but it helps give out food for those in need. Basically we just help organize all the food into packs that can be given out to families. It has been wonderful though. The people are amazing and some have actually asked us a little bit about our beliefs and
missionary work! We are hoping it can lead us to teach new people, either way we love to do service!

Every 3rd Wednesday we get to teach the young women about missionary work! I love the young women here so much! They are incredible missionaries! We taught more about sharing the gospel and what to do
if they reject our message! We helped them see that even if people reject our offer, we succeed as missionaries because at least we invited them! We had them role play and practice inviting others and
being rejected! It turned out really well, after the lesson one of the young women told us that rejection is the reason she hates inviting her friends to church, but that now she knows it's a good thing and that its just not their time yet! Miracle!

Mighty miracle May is coming up fast! Every companionship in the mission is trying to have 1 baptism for May! We have a lot of progressing investigators, even though they have a ton of potential,
we feel none of them will be ready for May. This week we have tried to do a lot of finding, we know that there is someone who can be baptized this May! We tried all week to find that individual, we found a lot of
promising investigators! Sunday night however we had a miracle! We had tried all week and finally Sunday night we ran into a couple sitting outside! We asked if we could share an Easter video with them and they immediately accepted! They then asked us more about our Jehovah beliefs... We
explained that we are actually Mormon! They had lots of questions about the Book of Mormon (their preacher had taught false things about it) we answered their questions and set up a time that we could see
how their reading and praying went. Sister Francom and I walked a way from that lesson feeling the spirit so strong! We felt that they are the ones who are ready to accept the gospel and be baptized in May! :)

God really does provide! He trusts us to do our part and try our best and it's after the trial of our faith that he will provide us with our answers! I love last minute miracles that is when I feel the most love from Heavenly Father, he knows us and he knows what we need to keep us going! I love this gospel so much! My testimony grows everyday! I love being a missionary!
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