Monday, April 20, 2015

Deep Creek!

My last day in St. John's River was so amazing! After pday we visited our family! They had us for dinner and then we taught the law of chastity! They are amazing and they are being baptized May 9th!! I got a picture with them before I left! It was very bittersweet!
I got all packed up! And Sister Snelgrove left to go to the trainers meeting. The best part was Sister Haynes from the Ocala Ward drove and Sister Beaver came! It was so good to see her!!! She ended up taking all of
us Sisters to fire house subs for lunch! So great! After the meeting I got with Sister Francom! She's awesome! She's from Las Vegas Nevada and is an amazing missionary!

Deep creek is amazing! It is definitely country but it has more stores than St. John's! We have a Walmart here! Yes! Never thought I would miss Walmart! Lots of rivers and lakes! No gators yet but I've seen
plenty of lizards, frogs and snakes oh my! The ward here is great. They are all very southern! There are 500 members but only about 100 are active so we have a lot of work to do! :) People here are definitely ready though, just the last 4 days alone we got 6 new investigators!!! So excited to work here!

Today we are playing zone p day! We were going to play outside but it started raining! So we are playing volleyball! So fun! Anyway I love you all I am so grateful to be here in deep creek! Keep on keeping on!

 This is what happens to shoes...

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