Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Busiest week of my life

 Last pday was so much fun! We toured St. Augustine! -the oldest city in the nation! We first went to the fort! It was so cool there is so much history there! We walked a round and saw all the armies bunks and cannons! We walked into a room with this little dug out... When all the sudden our zone and district leaders pop out! What! Haha apparently we both decided to sight see that day! Haha After that we went around all these cool shops and stores, we also went to the wax museum! It was so much fun! Lots of celebrities to teach the gospel to, and take pics hahha jk Lots of members on vacation came and talked to us so that was so fun!

Needless to Say I love Wax Museums....LOL!

District meeting was so great! Our district leader shared a story about a boy tossing starfishes back into the water, even if he knew they would end up back in the sand tomorrow. He related it to missionary work that even if we think our efforts are pointless that we are still giving everyone that chance! To tie it all up he gave us star fish key chains that change color in the sun! Cool!

Wednesday we moved into our new place! It is so nice! It's a small house right in our area! Our building coordinator Elder Schmidt kept telling us over and over that we are living in the most expensive home
in the mission! Wow! We are spoiled missionaries! It has been such a blessing though! We are saving over 400 miles each month! 1st world missionary problems, we don't have enough furniture to fill up the

We got to see our investigators again this Friday! They are wonderful! They had us for dinner, AGAIN! We taught the gospel of Jesus Christ and they are progressing beautifully! They are going to be baptized May 9! It will be a beautiful Mother's Day weekend! We also came back on Sunday and watched the restoration movie and taught word of wisdom! We are seeing them again today!

This Sunday was a huge miracle! We had 5 investigators at church!  Since last week was conference today was our Easter program! It was beautiful! We sung in the choir and there was other musical numbers! It was a very powerful meeting!

We were out tracking and good ole Florida decided to play tricks on us! In the middle of a nice blue day, we got a huge rain storm! We met an old potential and talked to him about his questions we gave him a Book of Mormon, and he gave us raincoats! Such a tender mercy! We were so grateful!!!

And then Monday night we got transfer calls!... I have been called to serve in deep creek, in the lake city zone!! I will be serving with sister Francom! I met her when she just got into the mission, she has just gotten done with training! She is adorable and I am so excited to go to deep creek! I am terribly sad to leave St. John's and only being here for 1 transfer! :( but nevertheless I am so excited!!!!!

I have learned so much this month! General conference was amazing! I am learning more and more everyday! What an incredible gospel we have that there is no end to learning! I am truly grateful to be a

I love you all!

Here is a letter I got from a member including a couple of pictures of Kelsey

You have most likely heard that Sister Knudsen is heading to Deep Creek in Lake City. I'm guessing she will be able to see lots of alligators and other Florida wildlife in Lake City. She will enjoy the "country." We will miss her tremendously and are grateful for the opportunity to get to know her. You have raised a wonderful daughter who has blessed our ward family by her example and testimony. We enjoyed a little goodbye lunch in my home today.  

Two funny video's from Kelsey in her new apartment that she wont be able to stay at for long. 

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