Monday, April 27, 2015

Last Weeks Report!

Last Monday was very busy but here is last weeks report! Enjoy.
Last pday was zone pday! Our zone here is huge! It was a lot of fun, a member took us out to lunch and then she came and played volleyball with us!

We started doing service at a local charity. It's actually a catholic charity but it helps give out food for those in need. Basically we just help organize all the food into packs that can be given out to families. It has been wonderful though. The people are amazing and some have actually asked us a little bit about our beliefs and
missionary work! We are hoping it can lead us to teach new people, either way we love to do service!

Every 3rd Wednesday we get to teach the young women about missionary work! I love the young women here so much! They are incredible missionaries! We taught more about sharing the gospel and what to do
if they reject our message! We helped them see that even if people reject our offer, we succeed as missionaries because at least we invited them! We had them role play and practice inviting others and
being rejected! It turned out really well, after the lesson one of the young women told us that rejection is the reason she hates inviting her friends to church, but that now she knows it's a good thing and that its just not their time yet! Miracle!

Mighty miracle May is coming up fast! Every companionship in the mission is trying to have 1 baptism for May! We have a lot of progressing investigators, even though they have a ton of potential,
we feel none of them will be ready for May. This week we have tried to do a lot of finding, we know that there is someone who can be baptized this May! We tried all week to find that individual, we found a lot of
promising investigators! Sunday night however we had a miracle! We had tried all week and finally Sunday night we ran into a couple sitting outside! We asked if we could share an Easter video with them and they immediately accepted! They then asked us more about our Jehovah beliefs... We
explained that we are actually Mormon! They had lots of questions about the Book of Mormon (their preacher had taught false things about it) we answered their questions and set up a time that we could see
how their reading and praying went. Sister Francom and I walked a way from that lesson feeling the spirit so strong! We felt that they are the ones who are ready to accept the gospel and be baptized in May! :)

God really does provide! He trusts us to do our part and try our best and it's after the trial of our faith that he will provide us with our answers! I love last minute miracles that is when I feel the most love from Heavenly Father, he knows us and he knows what we need to keep us going! I love this gospel so much! My testimony grows everyday! I love being a missionary!
Random pictures below:


Busy Week!

First off I am so sorry I don't have a lot of time to write and to update you on my week! I will send you my official weekly letter next week! :) 

I love my companion so much! We are best friends, and dedicated missionary's! It's been a huge blessing! It hasn't been too hot or humid yet (knock on wood!) but it is definitely on its way! There are these annoying bugs here called love bugs! So those are back haha 

Good things are definitely on there way here in deep creek! Missionary work is very slow here. But mighty Miracle May is coming up! Everyone in the mission is working towards at least 1 baptism in May! And Sister Francom and I met a couple yesterday who we think will be our Mays baptism! They have heard of the Book of Mormon before and have been wanting to find out what it was! They have recently got back into church and have been wondering if there is one true church! We taught them about the Book of Mormon and set up a time to come back! Sister Francom and I walked away feeling the spirit so strong! We feel they are ready! 

That's awesome about Kendra! She looks so skinny, has she lost a lot of weight? Losing weight is very challenging on a mission ugh! Haha

Jordan looks great! Did he have a good time on his date? 
Mom I have been thinking a lot about you this week and I am so grateful for a wonderful mother! I love you so much and I have seen a lot of things you taught me come in handy with missionary work!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Deep Creek!

My last day in St. John's River was so amazing! After pday we visited our family! They had us for dinner and then we taught the law of chastity! They are amazing and they are being baptized May 9th!! I got a picture with them before I left! It was very bittersweet!
I got all packed up! And Sister Snelgrove left to go to the trainers meeting. The best part was Sister Haynes from the Ocala Ward drove and Sister Beaver came! It was so good to see her!!! She ended up taking all of
us Sisters to fire house subs for lunch! So great! After the meeting I got with Sister Francom! She's awesome! She's from Las Vegas Nevada and is an amazing missionary!

Deep creek is amazing! It is definitely country but it has more stores than St. John's! We have a Walmart here! Yes! Never thought I would miss Walmart! Lots of rivers and lakes! No gators yet but I've seen
plenty of lizards, frogs and snakes oh my! The ward here is great. They are all very southern! There are 500 members but only about 100 are active so we have a lot of work to do! :) People here are definitely ready though, just the last 4 days alone we got 6 new investigators!!! So excited to work here!

Today we are playing zone p day! We were going to play outside but it started raining! So we are playing volleyball! So fun! Anyway I love you all I am so grateful to be here in deep creek! Keep on keeping on!

 This is what happens to shoes...

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Busiest week of my life

 Last pday was so much fun! We toured St. Augustine! -the oldest city in the nation! We first went to the fort! It was so cool there is so much history there! We walked a round and saw all the armies bunks and cannons! We walked into a room with this little dug out... When all the sudden our zone and district leaders pop out! What! Haha apparently we both decided to sight see that day! Haha After that we went around all these cool shops and stores, we also went to the wax museum! It was so much fun! Lots of celebrities to teach the gospel to, and take pics hahha jk Lots of members on vacation came and talked to us so that was so fun!

Needless to Say I love Wax Museums....LOL!

District meeting was so great! Our district leader shared a story about a boy tossing starfishes back into the water, even if he knew they would end up back in the sand tomorrow. He related it to missionary work that even if we think our efforts are pointless that we are still giving everyone that chance! To tie it all up he gave us star fish key chains that change color in the sun! Cool!

Wednesday we moved into our new place! It is so nice! It's a small house right in our area! Our building coordinator Elder Schmidt kept telling us over and over that we are living in the most expensive home
in the mission! Wow! We are spoiled missionaries! It has been such a blessing though! We are saving over 400 miles each month! 1st world missionary problems, we don't have enough furniture to fill up the

We got to see our investigators again this Friday! They are wonderful! They had us for dinner, AGAIN! We taught the gospel of Jesus Christ and they are progressing beautifully! They are going to be baptized May 9! It will be a beautiful Mother's Day weekend! We also came back on Sunday and watched the restoration movie and taught word of wisdom! We are seeing them again today!

This Sunday was a huge miracle! We had 5 investigators at church!  Since last week was conference today was our Easter program! It was beautiful! We sung in the choir and there was other musical numbers! It was a very powerful meeting!

We were out tracking and good ole Florida decided to play tricks on us! In the middle of a nice blue day, we got a huge rain storm! We met an old potential and talked to him about his questions we gave him a Book of Mormon, and he gave us raincoats! Such a tender mercy! We were so grateful!!!

And then Monday night we got transfer calls!... I have been called to serve in deep creek, in the lake city zone!! I will be serving with sister Francom! I met her when she just got into the mission, she has just gotten done with training! She is adorable and I am so excited to go to deep creek! I am terribly sad to leave St. John's and only being here for 1 transfer! :( but nevertheless I am so excited!!!!!

I have learned so much this month! General conference was amazing! I am learning more and more everyday! What an incredible gospel we have that there is no end to learning! I am truly grateful to be a

I love you all!

Here is a letter I got from a member including a couple of pictures of Kelsey

You have most likely heard that Sister Knudsen is heading to Deep Creek in Lake City. I'm guessing she will be able to see lots of alligators and other Florida wildlife in Lake City. She will enjoy the "country." We will miss her tremendously and are grateful for the opportunity to get to know her. You have raised a wonderful daughter who has blessed our ward family by her example and testimony. We enjoyed a little goodbye lunch in my home today.  

Two funny video's from Kelsey in her new apartment that she wont be able to stay at for long. 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Baptisms, Moving, Conference, Oh My!

 Such a good week, I don't even know where to start!

Sister Dorman had us for dinner and then after she invited people to come do a family home evening! Our investigator Bill came, it was really good, He is really picking up the Mormon language! Haha

We did service for sister Henry again, she is very particular about how her house gets cleaned so we always get a great lesson! She had us put on aprons and gloves and everything! Haha

This week we had zone meeting! It was so good! We have a "safeguards booklet" regarding our iPads and online missionary work. We talked about being aware of potential temptations and how to plan ahead to
avoid them! (I'm actually giving the same training this week in district meeting so we'll see how that goes!) one of my favorite quotes from it was "No member will ever make a serious mistake without first being warned by the promptings of the Holy Ghost!"

Also big surprise this week! We're moving! We live in an apartment 8 miles out of our area, and this week we got a call that they found a small house inside of our area that they are moving us to! Blessings!!

Us missionaries being creative when we forgot bowls
 We finally have our first official lesson with Mindy and Daniel! They have been coming to church with some members for a month now, and finally set up a time for us to see them! They are incredible! They
had us over for dinner, and then we taught the restoration. They have been studying a lot about Joseph smith, and have already read a 1/3 of the Book of Mormon! They love it all and couldn't wait to set a baptism date! We set May 2nd for them and their daughter to be baptized! We ended up coming back the next day to teach them the plan of salvation. In their past churches they have never heard anything about what happened before we came to earth! They loved learning about the pre-earth life and the degrees of heaven. Not only can they not wait for their baptism, but they can't wait to do baptisms at the temple! :)

General conference!! We have been so excited for conference all week! We bought Easter eggs and put flyers about general conference inside them to hand out! Easter morning was the best! Our bishops family had us missionaries come for a huge breakfast! And then 2 of our investigators came to the church for conference!


I especially loved the talk about dancing and learning to hear the music! I think that's such a great way to explain the commandments, once we realize how sweet they are to us, we will hear the music and want to keep dancing! I also loved the talk about the atonement and how by grace we are saved! We have and investigator who was trying to understand that concept! Perfect!

This intense bruise on my leg and foot! (No idea where or how I got them...)
I want to apologize in advance that I won't have a lot of time to email today, we are going to tour St. Augustine! The nations oldest city! I hope all of you have had a great Easter, and remembered the Savior! I have learned a lot about him this week. I know that he is risen! That he lives! And that He is here!

**Also next week is transfers so my p-day is on Tuesday instead!