Monday, March 23, 2015

Service and a miracle.

District meeting and trade offs! I absolutely love my zone here! 3 of the elders here were in the MTC with me, plus a sister served in Ocala right before I did! We are really focusing on the member work here in this ward and it is awesome! We created key indicators and goals not only for investigators, but for the mission lessons we teach to members! We've already had 2 members refer us to their friends!
All of us getting frozen yogurt
After district meeting we had trade offs! I went with sister Corcoran to Julington Creek. It was so much fun! She's from Logan and attended USU! We went and did service for a part member family! We weeded and raked their whole yard! Ironically, Elder Dean was on a trade off as well so he was there working to, I felt like I was home doing yard work again haha! The next day we all got frozen yogurt together for lunch. 2 sister from their ward joined us, one of them just put in her mission papers! It was a very fun trade off! 

After that we did service for sister Dorman! She is hilarious! She showed us her crab traps and attempted to pick one up...consequently it pinched her, but I filmed it so that was hilarious! We went all around her house and helped her weed and get ready to plant a new flower bed! 
Well it's official...I got my first real sunburn here!
After that we met with Aimee! She's incredible, she welcomed us right in and gave us donuts and oranges and water! She had a lot of questions on what sets us apart from other religions (my favorite question) we jumped right into the restoration and she completely understands the need for the priesthood! She has been to a lot of worldly churches and knew something was missing! She has been looking for a church to take her family to and is willing to try ours! However she made mention to us that she very much intends to keep drinking her wine! Haha we'll see what happens! 

Thursday we had president interviews! We did a big training on safety and emergency plans. We went through our 72hr kits and medical needs. Then we had a training on the #becausehelives event for the new video that came out. IF YOU HAVENT WATCHED IT YET GO WATCH IT!!! But seriously it's the best clip yet! We are getting all the members to share it on Facebook, also The church is making this video the sole advertisement on YouTube for Easter!!
Another miracle! We were driving down this random road and we ended up talking with this guy for a little bit, he was clearly not interested in our church at all, but we decided to give him a card just in case. Well at church on Sunday guess who shows up! No it wasn't him, but his son came! He saw our card and decided he would come! We were so shocked this never happens! Especially for a ward that starts at 8:00!! Haha he stayed all 3 hours and loved it!  We also finally set a time to teach Mindy and Daniel. They have come to church a few times now and are even reading the Book of Mormon on their own! The field here is definitely ready to harvest! 


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