Monday, March 30, 2015

P-day fun and Women's conference

P-day was so much fun!! 
We went to the mall today and I got to cuddle with 2 beary nice guys!

We stopped by sister Dormans and got some fishing poles and then we had district pday at the church! We went fishing and played volleyball it was way fun! Then we decided to eat at a new BBQ restaurant, and we ran into an old investigator! We talked with them and they are still very interested in learning more about our gospel! We talked for a minute and set a time to come back and share more with them! Thank goodness for BBQ! Haha
Florida Sunset

On Wednesday we had another lesson with Kim. She hasn't been able to come to church yet because of work, but she read a little bit in the Book of Mormon! We had sister Dorman come with us and we explained more about Joseph smith, priesthood, and the Book of Mormon! It was very powerful. She is interested in coming to general conference! 

I love the members here! They are hilarious, we had dinner with the Chvalas and every time we go over the husband makes lots of "Mormon" jokes about us (don't be fooled he's a member) haha. We invited them to share the #because

he lives video and they are very excited about it! All the members here are so missionary minded! Most of them are already sharing the gospel and preparing their friends to be taught! 

General women's meeting!!!!!!
It was so good! All the women met together at the church and had food and then watched it. I loved the focus on families and standing up for your testimony! Very powerful! We also had a "Why I believe Devotional" it's between multiple stakes and recent converts share their conversion stories about how they came into the gospel! There was musical numbers by missionaries and treats afterwards! We had dinner with our new investigators Mindy and Daniel, and then afterwards we attended the devotional! They loved it! They have never been to a church that could be so spiritual and fun! :) 

I love being a missionary!

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