Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Living in Paradise

 Okay a lot happened this week, so get ready to read this novel!

Bill is going to be baptized on the 28th! We have been trying hard to fellowship him with the ward. we were able to get 2 meals at members homes with him, as well as a lesson! Yes!! One of the members live on a farm so they showed us all their bunnies and pigs and horses.

Wednesday we did service for sister Henry. She is old and needs help with house cleaning. She's very old fashion and used to be a veteran.  She always teaches us a good life lesson each time we come over! :) we
actually saw her again today to help her put on support stockings! It was really funny.

Guess what mom! I got my birthday package you sent to me personally Delivered!.... But only because Sister Snelgrove locked the keys in the car so the senior couple had to drive down and save us.... Haha
but at least I got it early!

This week we had once again, a mission wide conference! They are my favorite! I got to see both my old companions and everyone from Ocala! The best part was one of the Quorum of the Seventy came, he did a big question and answer with all of us missionaries! It was so powerful, we focused a lot on finding and how to better communicate with members and those we meet to share the gospel! Our district is really focusing
on finding those who are elect, so that really helped us hit the floor running!

Saturday was my birthday, it seemed like any other day of being awkward and having everyone see you come so they run away... But the the Giles invited us for dinner! They made steak burgers and chocolate mint cake! It was the best, the daughter even made me a picture! :)  Here is the holey cake that I made from your package.

Okay miracle time!!!
1. Sister Snelgrove and I felt inspired to knock on doors in this neighborhood.  But NO ONE was home! We knocked every single door but no one answered so we just left Mormon.org cards in all the doors. We felt we just wasted our time, and didn't understand why we were prompted to knock there. BUT THEN! We get a phone call, and a lady got our card with our number on it and said that she would like to attend church this Sunday! We didn't even know what to say because this never happens! We set up a time for us to come and teach her! She told us that she has been looking for a church and to see our card on her door was a sign from God!

 2. We've had a long day but had one more hour left. We weren't feeling very motivated, but we prayed and asked for help to find a new investigator. We tried some potentials and those on the street. We once gave a Book of Mormon to this guy but never saw him again. We ended up running into him and he asked for the churches address! We started talking to him about the church and the restoration. He asked
us if he could keep our book a little longer to read it! Hahaha we told him he could keep it, and he said he will come to church this Sunday!!

3. One of the members invited their friends to church.   Their friends absolutely love it! This is actually the 3rd Sunday they have came, and they are reading the Book of Mormon, and thinking about
being baptized! We had no idea this was even going on. We finally met them yesterday, and we are all going to have dinner and officially teach them the lessons! They love the church and have already
committed to stop drinking! They are so ready! :)  -Along with that we had another member tell us that their friends are interested in taking the missionary discussions! We are having a dinner and lesson with them as well! Sister Snelgrove is shocked she said this never happens!

I am getting a tan.

That is funny about Daniels email, it's hard not to call him Daniel so I'm trying hard to say Elder Dean! Haha and thank you so much for the money and tell Grandma and Grandpa Naylor thanks for their birthday money as well.

This has been such a great week I love the members. I love my area! I love my companion! I love this work! And I love being a missionary! And I love all of you! Thanks for all the love and prayers!

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