Tuesday, March 3, 2015

I have been transfered!!!

 This has been a great week.

Our family came to church!!!! Jason and Selena and their 3 kids decided to come this Sunday. It was really good! Their kids are so reverent they sat all the way through sacrament and were content at flipping through the hymn book and the missionary pamphlets. After sacrament was a bit hectic... Their kids were going to primary and everyone was loud and walking around and it made Selena a little uneasy. She and Jason went on a walk durning the second hour but she was able to come back for Relief Society! She was a bit shy but she started to feel comfortable and laugh with all of us sisters! The kids of course had a blast in primary! We were so worried it wouldn't be what they expected but we saw them Monday and they said overall it was
great and they want to try again next week!

So we have been teaching a girl named Kiana, she is very religious but isn't active in any church. We ran into her and started teaching her.  She had some issues with Joseph Smith and our "Mormon bible" she thought that Mormons didn't read the Holy Bible and that we only studied the Book of Mormon. After resolving her concerns she was interested in the Book of Mormon. She told us she would make a real honest effort at reading it to see if it's true! We are very excited to see her again!

 Today for p-day was awesome! We had a little meeting for our new iPads. We had to sign out of our old ones and get our new ones all setup. They are really nice, we have some online training that we have to do
throughout the week it's been really interesting! Then! Sister masey took us to silver springs today! We went out on the glass bottom boats! It was so cool!

And yes about transfers....I'm leaving Ocala!!! I'm finally leaving my first area! I was a little sad but I really am ready for a new experience! I'll be leaving to St. Johns River! My new companion is Sister Snelgrove! And oddly enough she was in the MTC with Sister Beaver! I'm excited to meet her and to work in St. John's! :)

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