Monday, March 30, 2015

P-day fun and Women's conference

P-day was so much fun!! 
We went to the mall today and I got to cuddle with 2 beary nice guys!

We stopped by sister Dormans and got some fishing poles and then we had district pday at the church! We went fishing and played volleyball it was way fun! Then we decided to eat at a new BBQ restaurant, and we ran into an old investigator! We talked with them and they are still very interested in learning more about our gospel! We talked for a minute and set a time to come back and share more with them! Thank goodness for BBQ! Haha
Florida Sunset

On Wednesday we had another lesson with Kim. She hasn't been able to come to church yet because of work, but she read a little bit in the Book of Mormon! We had sister Dorman come with us and we explained more about Joseph smith, priesthood, and the Book of Mormon! It was very powerful. She is interested in coming to general conference! 

I love the members here! They are hilarious, we had dinner with the Chvalas and every time we go over the husband makes lots of "Mormon" jokes about us (don't be fooled he's a member) haha. We invited them to share the #because

he lives video and they are very excited about it! All the members here are so missionary minded! Most of them are already sharing the gospel and preparing their friends to be taught! 

General women's meeting!!!!!!
It was so good! All the women met together at the church and had food and then watched it. I loved the focus on families and standing up for your testimony! Very powerful! We also had a "Why I believe Devotional" it's between multiple stakes and recent converts share their conversion stories about how they came into the gospel! There was musical numbers by missionaries and treats afterwards! We had dinner with our new investigators Mindy and Daniel, and then afterwards we attended the devotional! They loved it! They have never been to a church that could be so spiritual and fun! :) 

I love being a missionary!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Service and a miracle.

District meeting and trade offs! I absolutely love my zone here! 3 of the elders here were in the MTC with me, plus a sister served in Ocala right before I did! We are really focusing on the member work here in this ward and it is awesome! We created key indicators and goals not only for investigators, but for the mission lessons we teach to members! We've already had 2 members refer us to their friends!
All of us getting frozen yogurt
After district meeting we had trade offs! I went with sister Corcoran to Julington Creek. It was so much fun! She's from Logan and attended USU! We went and did service for a part member family! We weeded and raked their whole yard! Ironically, Elder Dean was on a trade off as well so he was there working to, I felt like I was home doing yard work again haha! The next day we all got frozen yogurt together for lunch. 2 sister from their ward joined us, one of them just put in her mission papers! It was a very fun trade off! 

After that we did service for sister Dorman! She is hilarious! She showed us her crab traps and attempted to pick one up...consequently it pinched her, but I filmed it so that was hilarious! We went all around her house and helped her weed and get ready to plant a new flower bed! 
Well it's official...I got my first real sunburn here!
After that we met with Aimee! She's incredible, she welcomed us right in and gave us donuts and oranges and water! She had a lot of questions on what sets us apart from other religions (my favorite question) we jumped right into the restoration and she completely understands the need for the priesthood! She has been to a lot of worldly churches and knew something was missing! She has been looking for a church to take her family to and is willing to try ours! However she made mention to us that she very much intends to keep drinking her wine! Haha we'll see what happens! 

Thursday we had president interviews! We did a big training on safety and emergency plans. We went through our 72hr kits and medical needs. Then we had a training on the #becausehelives event for the new video that came out. IF YOU HAVENT WATCHED IT YET GO WATCH IT!!! But seriously it's the best clip yet! We are getting all the members to share it on Facebook, also The church is making this video the sole advertisement on YouTube for Easter!!
Another miracle! We were driving down this random road and we ended up talking with this guy for a little bit, he was clearly not interested in our church at all, but we decided to give him a card just in case. Well at church on Sunday guess who shows up! No it wasn't him, but his son came! He saw our card and decided he would come! We were so shocked this never happens! Especially for a ward that starts at 8:00!! Haha he stayed all 3 hours and loved it!  We also finally set a time to teach Mindy and Daniel. They have come to church a few times now and are even reading the Book of Mormon on their own! The field here is definitely ready to harvest! 


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Living in Paradise

 Okay a lot happened this week, so get ready to read this novel!

Bill is going to be baptized on the 28th! We have been trying hard to fellowship him with the ward. we were able to get 2 meals at members homes with him, as well as a lesson! Yes!! One of the members live on a farm so they showed us all their bunnies and pigs and horses.

Wednesday we did service for sister Henry. She is old and needs help with house cleaning. She's very old fashion and used to be a veteran.  She always teaches us a good life lesson each time we come over! :) we
actually saw her again today to help her put on support stockings! It was really funny.

Guess what mom! I got my birthday package you sent to me personally Delivered!.... But only because Sister Snelgrove locked the keys in the car so the senior couple had to drive down and save us.... Haha
but at least I got it early!

This week we had once again, a mission wide conference! They are my favorite! I got to see both my old companions and everyone from Ocala! The best part was one of the Quorum of the Seventy came, he did a big question and answer with all of us missionaries! It was so powerful, we focused a lot on finding and how to better communicate with members and those we meet to share the gospel! Our district is really focusing
on finding those who are elect, so that really helped us hit the floor running!

Saturday was my birthday, it seemed like any other day of being awkward and having everyone see you come so they run away... But the the Giles invited us for dinner! They made steak burgers and chocolate mint cake! It was the best, the daughter even made me a picture! :)  Here is the holey cake that I made from your package.

Okay miracle time!!!
1. Sister Snelgrove and I felt inspired to knock on doors in this neighborhood.  But NO ONE was home! We knocked every single door but no one answered so we just left cards in all the doors. We felt we just wasted our time, and didn't understand why we were prompted to knock there. BUT THEN! We get a phone call, and a lady got our card with our number on it and said that she would like to attend church this Sunday! We didn't even know what to say because this never happens! We set up a time for us to come and teach her! She told us that she has been looking for a church and to see our card on her door was a sign from God!

 2. We've had a long day but had one more hour left. We weren't feeling very motivated, but we prayed and asked for help to find a new investigator. We tried some potentials and those on the street. We once gave a Book of Mormon to this guy but never saw him again. We ended up running into him and he asked for the churches address! We started talking to him about the church and the restoration. He asked
us if he could keep our book a little longer to read it! Hahaha we told him he could keep it, and he said he will come to church this Sunday!!

3. One of the members invited their friends to church.   Their friends absolutely love it! This is actually the 3rd Sunday they have came, and they are reading the Book of Mormon, and thinking about
being baptized! We had no idea this was even going on. We finally met them yesterday, and we are all going to have dinner and officially teach them the lessons! They love the church and have already
committed to stop drinking! They are so ready! :)  -Along with that we had another member tell us that their friends are interested in taking the missionary discussions! We are having a dinner and lesson with them as well! Sister Snelgrove is shocked she said this never happens!

I am getting a tan.

That is funny about Daniels email, it's hard not to call him Daniel so I'm trying hard to say Elder Dean! Haha and thank you so much for the money and tell Grandma and Grandpa Naylor thanks for their birthday money as well.

This has been such a great week I love the members. I love my area! I love my companion! I love this work! And I love being a missionary! And I love all of you! Thanks for all the love and prayers!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Happy Birthday Kelsey!

Today is Kelsey's birthday!  Some members sent us a couple of picture of her when they surprised her with birthday cake.  She is loved no matter how far away she is from home.  Sure love that cute daughter of mine.  Happy Birthday Sister Knudsen!!!

On Sunday we celebrated Kelsey birthday even if she was not home.  We had cake and ice cream and took a picture with Kelsey's cardboard cutout.

When I sent Kelsey these pictures this was her precious comment:
Hahahahahaha I loved my birthday pictures and cake! You are so sweet for thinking of me even when I am gone! That looked like a fun party you all had! :)

Monday, March 9, 2015

St. John is da Bomb

Wednesday morning was transfer meeting. Sister Haynes took us to Jacksonville and it was a great meeting! There was a lot of missionaries going home and their testimonies were so strong!  I met my new companion Sister Snelgrove. She's from Provo Utah! Everyone was commenting that we look like actual Sisters! Haha St. John's is a huge difference from Ocala. Ocala is a huge horse country, and St. John's is more tropical, lots of lakes and Palm trees! I'm loving it! The work here is a little slower because we are in a developing community. We only cover a few neighborhoods but new houses and people are popping up everywhere! 
Wednesday night we met with our investigator Bill. He was a member referral and has been taking the lessons. He is so ready for the gospel, he smokes but we helped make a plan for him to stop. He is very sweet and can't wait to be baptized, His date is set for March 28! 

We've been working a lot with less actives and strengthening our active members. We met with a lot of members this week to introduce myself and get adjusted to the area. The members here are awesome! They are so kind and ready to participate in missionary work! Most of them have lived in Utah and have been to Highland, also turns out Elder Daniel Dean has served in this ward too, so whenever I mention I'm from Highland, they ask me if I know an Elder Dean! Hahaha  
We were able to see a less active family no one has been able to get a hold of! We went in and they were obviously irritated that we the missionaries came by. We talked for a little bit and then showed them the Mormon message "you never know" it was really good! The mom and daughter have been arguing about church attendance lately, and after the video they said that's exactly what they needed to hear. They really opened up and we talked about some of their concerns! Using media has been a true blessing in missionary work! 

As always missionary work is the best! We have another mission conference coming up on the 13th! The day before my birthday yay! I love you all and have a great week!!! 
(Here's the view from my apartment!)
(Added from Mom Shari Knudsen)
I received the following letter and the picture up above of Kelsey and her new companion---

Hello from Florida!  We are so happy to Welcome Sister Knudsen to the St. John's ward and thrilled to have Sister Snelgrove stay with us awhile longer.  Your beautiful daughters stopped by for a visit this evening.  We are thankful for their strong testimonies and service to our ward family.  It is a lovely evening in St. Augustine!  
                                           From Sister Giles

Also found out that Daniel Dean is Kelsey's new zone leader.  This is what he said to his mom in his letter talking about being zone leader.  That's going to change! We're having Elder Searle, my trainer, come into the zone. That will be interesting! ZL to my trainer. And then Sister Knudsen, best friend's little sister. I will probably show her some favoritism.


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

I have been transfered!!!

 This has been a great week.

Our family came to church!!!! Jason and Selena and their 3 kids decided to come this Sunday. It was really good! Their kids are so reverent they sat all the way through sacrament and were content at flipping through the hymn book and the missionary pamphlets. After sacrament was a bit hectic... Their kids were going to primary and everyone was loud and walking around and it made Selena a little uneasy. She and Jason went on a walk durning the second hour but she was able to come back for Relief Society! She was a bit shy but she started to feel comfortable and laugh with all of us sisters! The kids of course had a blast in primary! We were so worried it wouldn't be what they expected but we saw them Monday and they said overall it was
great and they want to try again next week!

So we have been teaching a girl named Kiana, she is very religious but isn't active in any church. We ran into her and started teaching her.  She had some issues with Joseph Smith and our "Mormon bible" she thought that Mormons didn't read the Holy Bible and that we only studied the Book of Mormon. After resolving her concerns she was interested in the Book of Mormon. She told us she would make a real honest effort at reading it to see if it's true! We are very excited to see her again!

 Today for p-day was awesome! We had a little meeting for our new iPads. We had to sign out of our old ones and get our new ones all setup. They are really nice, we have some online training that we have to do
throughout the week it's been really interesting! Then! Sister masey took us to silver springs today! We went out on the glass bottom boats! It was so cool!

And yes about transfers....I'm leaving Ocala!!! I'm finally leaving my first area! I was a little sad but I really am ready for a new experience! I'll be leaving to St. Johns River! My new companion is Sister Snelgrove! And oddly enough she was in the MTC with Sister Beaver! I'm excited to meet her and to work in St. John's! :)