Monday, February 23, 2015

Teaching and Technology

  In case you thought otherwise it was once again a great week! 

We saw Jason and Selena (Jason is inactive) we have been teaching Selena and trying to get their family back to church, we watched the restoration video and they invited their kids to come watch as well. Selena has been reading the Book of Mormon and really praying about it! I think the video helped her visualize it more so that was helpful! 
The church has been trying out some new things for missionaries and we get to be their testers! They have a new way they want to set up the iPads for missionary work! They are making certain apps specially for teaching and sharing the gospel! They are wanting to make technology a more common form for finding and teaching. In fact they are even thinking about having them in the MTC! They want missionaries who just received their calls to do missionary work before their mission! Like they are going to have them Skype with real missionaries in their teaching lessons! So cool! They have a lot of really cool ideas to help everyone use this tool for finding! So since they are changing things they are going to completely start us over and give us new trainings and booklets for the iPads! It's going to be really interesting! :) we had a huge mission wide conference with Elder Zwick. I got to see sister Pasko again too! 

Relief society activity! So there's a stake activity coming up this Saturday about "Jesus around the world" each Ward is choosing a country to present and their customs and beliefs. We have a sister from Guam and some from Hawaii so our Ward decided to chose places around the pacific. For our "show" they want us to teach the hula! And when I say us I mean sister beaver because she's Hawaiian! Haha so we have to teach our Ward to hula for their activity.. Kind of weird haha 

So this next week is transfers so my PDAY will be on Tuesday instead. I'm really excited for this transfer call. I've been in my first area for almost 6 months now, and everyone is guessing that I'll be transferred... A new area will be fun but I'm going to miss Ocala, but no one knows till Monday!! 

Anyway I love you all!

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