Monday, February 2, 2015

I love being a missionary!


This has been one of the best week on my mission!
We had to take our car to the shop this week, so we had 2 days of biking (not bad at all). The people at the car shop are hilarious! they have seen lots of missionaries before and kept making jokes that missionaries are such bad drivers that even with a backer we still crash! (yeah it was embarrassing haha) but we have a fireside at the church next Sunday and we invited them to come and they said they might (fingers crossed) haha but Biking was really nice, we got a lot of street contacting in so that was great! This week has been all about the book of Mormon event #discoverthebook every time we met with members we talked to them about it and even took their pictures for them so that they would do it! The last time they hosted this event it was in the top ten trends WORLDWIDE! we were trying to get that same effect, especially with the new book of Mormon video they made! Spread the word! haha
The first part of this week was a little slow, we had a lot of appointments that cancelled and we ended up just doing a lot of finding. BUT! the second half of this week really picked up! We have still been trying to teach Robert and Linda, they're an older couple that used to be very religious, he was even a preacher, but they fell away from church completely when a lot of churches became more liberal and worldly. They are hard to get and keep a gospel conversation, but this week we did service with them and out of nowhere Robert turned to us and asked if we had any questions for him ( hes read a few pages of the BOM and has came to sacrament before) we were so surprised! we started asking him about the things he has read, and the things we shared with him, he admitted to us that he defiantly needs to do more reading before he can judge it, but that what he did read was interesting! It was a great way to understand where hes at! we are hoping to help him and Linda understand more!

We had a lot of people we were seeing regularly, but the last week and a half we couldn't get a hold of them! this week we finally saw Selena, Shaun and Michelle. They are doing well, we were able to share the plan of salvation and book of Mormon with them, they are busy with school and work but they said they will put aside more time to truly study and ponder our lessons! We had a media referral last week, named Hayley. she requested a Book of Mormon and when we delivered it she said we could teach her more, we have been teaching her on facebook and it turns out that she actually spent some time in seminary with her LDS friend! she said she didn't really pay attention, but that she was curious about why our church is different and what the book of Mormon is! WE are teaching her the restoration this week and we are so very excited! we think she is ready!

 We also had a new referral as well! her name is Debera and she met sisters and was excited to talk with them but she was out of town, the sisters told her there are more missionaries where she lived so they sent her to us, we went and saw her yesterday and she is super funny! When she opened the door she was really rude to us and said that she wished all of us "Jehovah Witnesses could leave her alone", then she read our name tag and she said "wait you are the other Jesus people! yes come in come in!" haha it was super funny, she has had a very hard life and she believes everything happens for a reason! she thinks that the message we share can help her (which shes right!) haha by the end of us teaching her, she didn't want us to leave! we invited her to the fireside and church, and she was very interested! She may be another who is ready for the gospel! Needless to say, I am very excited about this month!

I have a funny story: we have a referral from a member, her parents aren't members but she was hoping we could change that!  We saw them once already and introduced us, right from the beginning he told us he does NOT agree with Mormonism but that he would still listen to us nevertheless haha!  So we saw him and his wife yesterday... Okay so right from the beginning he asked us about the temples and we were trying to explain to him work for the dead, and he did not understand it at all! he kept arguing with us about, how we even get the records ,and the spirits are passed on, they missed they chance to be baptized and so forth.. Ugh, it was awful. They would ask questions and then the second we would try to explain something they would cut us off and throw another question at us that contradicted the first!  It was super confusing and the spirit was nowhere to be found in the room! And then a miracle... THE BOOK OF MORMON! We decided to stop answering their questions and said "look all of your many questions and concerns can all be answered in the Book of Mormon" after we said this they both went silent! We then testified that the Book of Mormon is the keystone in our religion and that it is evidence that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. We invited them to read Moroni 10:3-5 about the promise. after they read it they just paused and said, "Wow, that was really profound...whats in this book anyway?" HAHAHAHAHA! YES! Gotcha! We comiited them to actually read it and just find out for them self, they both accepted! It was an incredible lesson! the Book of Mormon is true y'all! :)

 All in all this week was amazing! Sister Beaver and I are trying to improve on our teaching skills so we are going through the trainers guide and doing all the studies and role playing a gain. its the best thing ever!
I love you all so very much! have a great week! -Sister Knudsen

So I ordered more name tags and they misspelled my name! how rude! Haha

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