Monday, February 9, 2015

Here comes February!!!

Last PDAY was super fun, the sisters from Gainesville came down to Ocala and we all went to the mall together and had fun looking around.  Sister Beaver wanted a haircut and I decided to get more layers with
her. Then after PDAY we saw sister Moody. She's a new member move in from Washington. She lives way up in Anthony on a beautiful farm!  Before dinner she had us help her feed the horses, it was fun and weird haha she had cancer 3 times and beat it! She's an amazing woman!

We also got to see the Coffeys again. They weren't able to make it to church last week and they told us they would come this Sunday, and to our fireside! He has 2 little girls that are super cute!  We taught them about prayer using the prayer knot they were super excited about it! Haha

 We have been telling everyone about the fireside! We printed out huge flyers and put up huge signs! We have been talking about it the past few weeks in Ward council. We passed around a list for people to sign
up to bring food....and no one signed up! We were so worried. The leaders had to email everyone and try to get them to help out it was bad, even yesterday they had a last cry for help to bring food. Us missionaries even had to help out! And then... God answers prayers! We had so much food we didn't even have enough room on the tables for all of it. It was an amazing event. All the members were able to bring their nonmember friends, we had our investigators come as well! It was great the members did an awesome job fellow-shipping everyone!

We sung "Come unto Christ" with some of the other members, originally I don't like to participate in singing but sister Moody taught me a 5 minute lesson on how to sing! It turned out very well. All the musical numbers were incredible! You could really feel the spirit!

I am doing well though! We have a zone conference and a mission wide conference this month so that will be very exciting. It hit me that I will be in Ocala for 6 months at the end of this transfer.... Can you
believe I'm already 1/3 way done with my mission! But I think come March I will have my first transfer! I don't want to leave Ocala but I'm excited to have new experiences, but you never know, maybe I'll
stay! Haha

Love you all!

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