Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year!!!

A great new year!

We started the new year off by getting some sushi! It was a fun lunch we had! We also went and tried some potentials up in Citra, which is about 40 minutes away, but hey new month new miles so we decided it was a good use. We drove through a jungle to get there. We saw a guy named Joseph Smith, and he really wanted a Book of Mormon so he could actually know what everyone teases him about! He asked some great questions and overall likes every Mormon he meets. He said he would come to church next week! We also saw a less active named Anthony, and he lives in Anthony... Haha but he's great.   His wife never attended church but they both want their kids to grow up in a church and he remembered how great it was to grow up in the church, we don't know why he left but he does want to come back.

We met with Michelle a lot this week, she has been loving the Book of Mormon! I showed these cards that follow the events in the bible and where the Book of Mormon took place. She was really fascinated! She's
set to be baptized in April just to make sure she can get clean, I hope I will still be here for that!
I saw a pillar of light, exactly over my head..

New Years was fun, we both were all snuggled up in our beds sound asleep... HAPPY NEW YEAR! Haha missionary holidays!

 We have a conference with Elder Neil Anderson this month! We are very excited! Missionaries work very hard but sometimes we do like to have a little fun.  I am including a couple of lip sync songs below and a couple of me scaring my roommate with silly string.  Anyway I love you all!

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