Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Busy Week!

This week has been very eventful!

Well we started the week off right with a car accident! So we live with a member in their mother in law suite. And we share the same driveway. So here we are going to start our day, and sister Beaver backs into the members back bumper! Now I know what your thinking, aren't missionaries supposed to back each other up? Yes they are, and yes I did. So I'm outside behind the car backing her up, then she started to turn super fast so I motioned her to stop, but she wasn't looking, so I started to scream at her, and she didn't hear me... So now we get to deal with a car accident. I don't know how long it will take to repair the car, but we are going to be on bikes again!

On a better note, we got to hear from an Apostle of the Lord twice!!  Elder Neil Anderson came to Florida with his wife for a stake conference and for a missionary conference, luckily I was at both! It was so great to hear from him, he is such a funny guy! He was telling us all these experiences but he would forget a name so he would turn around and ask his wife all these questions it was really good. In the missionary conference, we did a little bit of a question and answer session. A missionary asked how to keep our faith strong and growing. He said that faith comes by living the gospel and being obedient. That way we personally see the blessings. He stressed a lot of all the little things like prayer, scripture study, sacrament and other church
activities. It's interesting that all those simple primary answers really are the things that will continue to make us strong in our faith!

Sister Beaver receiving some serious light from her studies!

This week one of our investigators came to the family history center. She is progressing slowly in the gospel but she has a huge interest in family history! She loves the center and the people there, her neighbor is a member so she came with her. It's been really great, now all we got to do is get her in the chapel for Sunday!

Well the field if definitely white here, but we've been having a hard time knowing where to look! I have been praying to find those individuals who are ready for the gospel... And I tell you what, God answers prayers! In just this last week we had 5 referrals and Reassignments! We go to an addiction recovery class for one of my investigators, but this last time he didn't come.. But the same night a new gator walked in. He's sick of his addictions And wants to shape up and start to be the father his wife and kids need, his family isn't too religious but he wants to be the leader and have his family follow in his footsteps to include God in their life's! So just because our investigator didn't come, we got another one!  We got a reassignment from the other sisters. Her name is Cassandra, the missionaries were tracting and they stopped by her mother house
when Cassandra just happened to be there. Her husband had a Book of Mormon but lost it when they moved, the sisters gave her more and we went over to teach the restoration! It was an incredible lesson. She
is so excited about the Book of Mormon and is going to come to church next Sunday.
Some cute houses.

Then on Sunday, these 2 girls just showed up and were asking for a blessing. One was a member and her younger sister wasn't, but she wanted to bring her self closer with God! The elders gave her a blessing and we got her information to share with her more! She likes the other churches around here because they are fun...here in the south the churches could easily be mistaken for a dance party.... Some churches have coffee shops and food inside them. Others have strobe lights and loud music.. It's a little soon to tell if they will fully accept the gospel yet, we have a lot of faith about all of them and are very excited for big miracles to happen!

we went thrifting for PDAY and
tried on old dresses haha

We also had 3 less actives that are coming back to church this Sunday!  We did some service for a member who is about to move and she told us she wants to see us in church one more time before she goes to her
next Ward! Then we have the Coffeys, they are a part member family and only the father is a member but he went inactive. Now that he has a family of his own he wants to instill in his children the great memories he had growing up! (More investigators!) the last is sister Carropiet, she's been inactive for a long time. She's married to a nonmember who is very set in his own religion. It's hard for her to be
motivated to come but this week she is going to try!

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