Monday, January 26, 2015

5 months already, Time Flys! :(

 Missionary work = always having dry knees and elbows from praying so much

So last week was transfers and I luckily I'm staying! No one in my district is moving so that's been nice! Priesident Craig scared us though! So the day of transfer calls is when president calls everyone to set up the trainers and to extend callings. And so on Monday...we get a call! Sister Beaver and I just stared at each other! One of us was going to get called to train! But then it just ended up he needed more information about our car accident! Whew! Bad news though sister Beaver is no longer allowed to drive on her mission. We have to take our car to the shop this Tuesday to get fixed, we don't know how long it will take, but we got our bikes! Haha

Also it just so happened ironically, our district meeting was a training on our cars and bikes! Haha it was way fun. One of the elders here is actually a mechanic, he even put together his own "car training video" we watched that and then went out side to change a tire and charge a battery! The elders kept picking on us sister to do all the work haha a sisters gotta learn sometime I guess! 

We had a funeral this week for a family in first Ward. Brother Randolfs mother passed away so all the missionaries went. Brother Randolfs is such a funny man! He's in his 70s And comes to our meetings; when we all leave to go home he always makes a comment that he's going to the bar, or going to get arrested! Even after the funeral he thanked us for the support, and said he would invite us the the funeral of the next person he murders! Haha 

We often see a less active named Sister Cochran. She has a bad back so she can't always come to church but other than that she's very spiritually strong. She is your classic southern girl! She's super friendly and she says "y'all better come back now ya hear" we went over and read the scriptures with her,and we even painted her toes! She's so fun. one of the members sister Fye took us to longhorn steakhouse! Yum we are spoiled! 

We also had a sushi night! Sister Davis loves sushi and Sister Beaver (being the part Korean that she is) knows how to make it! So we went to dinner and had miso soup, sushi, teriyaki chicken, and we even made mochi, it's a Japanese dessert its gummy and tastes like vanilla.
Goals, goals, goals!! This has been an intense week! First in district meeting we have been making a lot of plans to get our people to church! Our numbers have been up for new investigators and lessons, but church attendance is down. We made some more plans to help our people come. 

Then for weekly planning sister Beaver and I took a good look at our missionary work, we really targeted a lot of things to work on! We want to be super consecrated this transfer and really use every second we have to teach! We want to see a baptism so we are trying really hard to see miracles! 

Then at church we had Ward conference. And the whole third hour we talked about missionary work! We introduced the Ward mission plan. They sent around handouts for every single family to work on goals that will help them learn preach my gospel, fellowship investigators, find people for the missionaries, and become everyday missionaries! We are so excited! There is so much work to be done here and now this with the Ward is going to help out a ton! The Ward finally is learning how important they are in missionary work! 

We've had 2 more Reassignments and referrals! We have a huge list of potentials that we are trying, so hopefully they turn out to be promising! We are really trying to use the Book of Mormon as often as we can! It really is the keystone of our religion! Reading it everyday has changed me so much! 

All in all Ocala is great! I love the people and the Ward! I never want to leave it! My companion and I are having a great time! (I tried to prank her with a whoopie cushion on her chair! Lol) 

I love you all

Everywhere in Florida they have these air-plants. They don't have roots and they just hang around! Haha

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