Monday, December 1, 2014


This has been a crazy week!!  We have been seeing an old fellow named Lenard, he's blind and we have
been helping him out and teaching him. We have been trying to get him to come to church and every week he says maybe next time. We went over with some members but he wasn't feeling well. Our members asked if
they could pick him up anything and he said yes, a few days later we called and he said he would come to church! :) it's amazing what some service can do, he really enjoyed church! I think he will be baptized
soon! :)

Our new converts the Shearins are really hitting up missionary work! They just gave us a 3rd referral this month! He has had a very hard life, he wasn't sure if God exists. But after coming to church he felt
the spirit. We are going to start teaching him!

Okay and best week ever with Shaun! We watched the restoration video and everything clicked for him! He wants to be baptized but more importantly he is working towards the temple! He is putting forth a
lot of effort! He is reading and praying everyday! He is coming to addiction recovery and he is coming to church. His friend Michelle has been coming with him. She is super interested in everything we talk
about. Shaun and Michelle practically fight over who gets to ask the next question (they are in their 30s) hahaha! Shaun received a blessing and we wrote it down for him, he wrote his testimony in the Book of
Mormon. He still needs improvement on the word of wisdom but at least he's off powerful drugs!

Thanksgiving!!!! We had district meeting and then we went to the Waters home. They are an older couple that had tons of family coming over! We had tons of food and dessert. Then we went to the Shearins and ate some more, than we went to an investigators and ate more... And then we felt sick throughout the night! So yes it was a great Thanksgiving!

I gave a talk in sacrament! I talked about Matthew 4:19 and about missionary work, and how to be a member missionary. Basically I nailed it! Haha jk but then all of us missionaries sang.

So yes good week! Also I fell off my bike! Here I am minding my own business. We had just left our home to leave, when wait I forgot my light! I quickly threw my hand in my purse to find it but despite my
pure and honest desire to receive light, I was cast into darkness. I flew headfirst over my bike onto the unwelcoming pavement (thank heavens for helmets) my bike decided to follow my bad example so it
also flew and landed on top of me. No matter how many times I play it over in my mind I will forever be confused on how my purse caught the handlebars and flew between my legs. Not only did I witness for myself the pain of a headache, and a bike attack. But the pure agony of looking awkward! I was throne into a bundle of confusion the second my purse pulled my shoulder down and my leg up (I'm also thankful for
biking shorts). After figuring how to unhook myself free from my bike and purse. And seeing that my injuries weren't intense, I got right back up and biked 30 mins to my next appointment... The lords work will go on!!!

Besides my minor bruises on my leg and back. This has been an amazing week, we have seen many miracles and we are loving our new home! Tell grandma thank you for the new sweater and pjs!!!

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