Tuesday, December 16, 2014

New Companion! Marriage Proposal?

Hello everyone! Hope you all are loving the Christmas season!

This has been a super busy week! First of all I'm still sick. I feel better but I can't get rid of this cough, super annoying! Transfers was awesome though! It was hard to say goodbye to my trainer but she was called to train again, so she's off with that! My new companion is amazing though! She is super spiritual and kind! She's from Hawaii!  Her and I clicked instantly so we have been having a lot of fun together.

There was a Christmas parade and we decided to proselyte there. We handed out over 200 "he is the gift" cards! A lot of people seemed very interested! They all liked the idea someone was spreading the true meaning of Christmas!

Sunday came around and we had a busy day introducing my new companion to everyone! All of our investigators have been awesome! Shaun and Michelle have been staying on tract so far. They are working together to stay off drugs and be baptized! We had 2 big miracles this week! We have been trying to teach a man named Joe, we showed him he is the gift and told him something to give up to Jesus Christ....well the week after that he decided what he was giving. He's giving away all this angry and hatred from his past, and to start new and be happy. Part of starting new is he wants to come closer to Jesus Christ...by being baptized!!!!! We now have a new solid investigator who's finally ready for the gospel! Another investigator also read the Book of Mormon and wants a priesthood blessing! This is a big step for her, and we will most Likely set a baptism date with her! The work is progressing!

That's been our week, also today something super awkward happened! So we were in Walmart. And this random old man walks by us, and wishes us a Merry Christmas. We wish him the same but after we did, he then asked me if I was looking for a husband... I politely told him no, and he continued on with how I was very pretty, but I was a little too young, anyway, before he left  jokingly said "okay well next time I see you, I'll try to marry you then." ....now here I am, a little shocked and surprised and I just answered "okay sounds good." What! Haha I didn't even realize what I had said! My companion and I walked off laughing! We just needed to buy eggs then it turned into a marriage proposal! And I accepted! What! Hahaha, so I'll try to avoid him, but if I see him again, looks like I'm getting married!

Anyway I'm so excited for Christmas and I love you all!!!! :)

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